Metalcore heavy hitters THE LEGION:GHOST debut powerful video for new single 'Guilty (Far from Perfect)'

Metalcore heavy hitters THE LEGION:GHOST debut powerful video for new single 'Guilty (Far from Perfect)'

- By Matt Rushton

The quintet, hailing from Cologne/Aachen in Germany, bring their new track to life with the Knotfest premiere of the colorful and compelling visual, furthering their ambitions for the big leagues with a heft and might to the song to match.

Forming in 2015, the band garnered praise and hype from the off with their debut album Two for Eternity in 2016 and its follow up sophomore effort With Courage of Despair in 2018. Now back after two singles last year, 'Guilty (Far from Perfect)' brings in the new era of The Legion:Ghost in monumental style with an anthem that's sure to get current fans stoked to see the band progress, whilst also bringing in new followers with its modern metalcore grooves and a chorus fit for arenas.

The five-piece have become well-known over Germany with their prolific touring over the past few years, which has seen them share the stage with household names All That Remains and Callejon, as well as reaching further afield in 2022, supporting legends of the metal world Dark Tranquillity and Ensiferum across Europe.

Now working with Electric Callboy guitarist Daniel Haniß as producer, this new track shows promise of the band breaking through into the upper echelons of the scene with its huge sound, infectious riffs and hooks that will guarantee a crowd singalong anywhere they play. The music video itself matches the song's message of tolerance with the band playing with aesthetics that challenge what's 'normal', and hopes to incite people to show more civility and respect to one another.

From the band:

Guilty (Far from Perfect) is a great song to start this new chapter on our journey because it does not only introduce our music as it sounds in 2023 but also deals with a topic that is growing as a problem in the western world. We have the feeling that more people lose the ability to respect each other if they disagree on some topics because everything is supposed to be black or white, right or wrong, good or bad. We have to relearn to disagree - but still respect each other. We also want to thank Initiative Musik for their support in the realisation of our visions.

Vocalist Kevin Kearns remarks on the video:

We wanted to do something different with the video this time. Our latest videos have been kind of dark so we decided to give it colour this time. It was challenging but also fun to play different characters. It kind of felt like seeing the world through different eyes for a moment.

The Legion:Ghost's 'Guilty (Far from Perfect)' hits DSPs March 16th via Easthaven Records

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