Metalcore prospects Aphasia confront personal trauma on their latest, 'Sinking'

Metalcore prospects Aphasia confront personal trauma on their latest, 'Sinking'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The rising Rochester metalcore prospects create an intense listening experience with their cathartic new single.

Rochester, NY metalcore upstarts Aphasia struck a chord with their debut album, 'Rebirth'. The album's technical prowess, in combination with the kind of lyrical sincerity that justify such a cathartic scream, managed to breakthrough the white noise that can sometimes weigh down the category.

The band's ability to excel individually, comes together in a way that results in a compelling listening experiencing that is accented by the occasional well-placed breakdown, dynamic instrumental melodies, and the vocal charge of frontman Jacob Regruit.

The band's latest single, "Sinking," offers an introspective glimpse into the personal struggles in coping with loss and the often times stark realities of life. Given the track's weighty subject matter, the intensity that reverberates on the record is something that seems to stem from a very real place.

The band explains, "Lyrically, 'Sinking' is about both coping with and understanding the loss of a loved one,
seeing them in your memories when you are struggling to accept that they are no longer here,
and wondering where they are now in the afterlife. Life can be brutal and this song serves as a
reminder of both how unfair it is and how quickly it can be ripped away."

Watch the premiere of "Sinking" from Aphasia below.

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