Midwest horrorcore crew Alla Xul Elu go bars on the gruesome NFSW visual for "Deathbed"

Midwest horrorcore crew Alla Xul Elu go bars on the gruesome NFSW visual for "Deathbed"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The latest video from the 'MauXULeum' LP combines disturbing imagery with the trio's signature lyrical assault - a mesh that has made the Midwest horde underground champions.

Ohio's horror-obsessed trio of Billy Obey, Joey Black and Lee Carver continue to cultivate their cult-driven base of Xuligans as Alla Xul Elu unveil their latest music video from their 2020 full length, MauXULeum, with the stylishly morbid "Deathbed".

A potent meld of death metal's esthetic extremity, combined with the crew's hardcore rap delivery has ultimately resonated with an impassioned cross-section of fans that connect with A.X.E. affinity for the macabre that anchors their lyrical bars.

Making their introduction with the 2013 LP, 'Head of Horns,' the collective refined their sound and presence just three years later, earned the adulation of the underground with the track, "The Suffering" that underscored the arrival of their sophomore release, 'Sci-Co: Volume 1'. The momentum ultimately rolled into A.X.E.'s 2018 EP 'Necronomichron,' an effort that not only struck a chord with the crew's growing base, but also gained the attention of horrorcore pioneers, Twiztid.

Cementing a deal with Majik Ninja Entertainment and earning a creative advocate in Twiztid, A.X.E. would quickly prove their worth their debut as a signed artist in 'The Almighty'. The horrorcore horde quickly followed the album with a companion EP in 'Church of Xul'. Affirming their transition from emerging upstarts to alt rap sensations, both projects managed to earn spots on the Billboard charts, no small feat for the Midwest trio.

Continuing their charge, A.X.E. dropped 'MauXuleum' in 2020 and again reaffirmed their acclaim. Again flexing their prolific pace, Obey, Black, and Carver would closely follow the 2020 album with their 2021 4/20 EP in 'Necronomichron 2: Death By Bong', fusing their knack for the horrific with the haze of blown trees. Indulgent in its extremity and fluid In its turn of phrase and wordplay, the catalog thus far from Alla Xul Elu solidifies their rank as underground champions.

Revisiting their 2020 LP, A.X.E.'s visual interpretation of the track "Deathbed" showcases the kind of gruesome good time that has propelled the crew to such lauded levels.

“Here’s our new gore-soaked visual “Deathbed” taken from our album “MauXULeum”. It’s a horror rap manifesto we conjured through the eyes of the broken and the damned! We here at Alla Xul Elu know this splatter fest of disturbing content will surely delight the disenfranchised maniac that is dwelling deep within your subconscious! So say “good mourning” and open your eye sockets to this bloody new lullaby from your three favorite demonic entities!”

The premiere of the video also arrives as the collective preps for their June 4th livestreaming event. The 'Dead By Bong' livestream will be broadcast at 8pm ET and will continue on-demand through June 6th until 10pm ET. Tickets for the event can be purchased - HERE

Watch the premiere of "Deathbed" from Alla Xul Elu below.


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