Mike's Dead introduces 'Revenge' EP with the venomous visual for the single "Sick"

Mike's Dead introduces 'Revenge' EP with the venomous visual for the single "Sick"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The brooding multi-talent offers his first new release in four months to commence the rollout for his April 2021 EP.

The nu-metal influenced phenom in LA-based genre-bender Mike's Dead has resurfaced after an extended four month layoff with the fiery single, "Sick".

The track bears added significance in that the music arrives after an unusually lengthy pause for the prolific provocateur. "Sick" also serves as a stylistic shift for the vocalist/producer, showcasing a full embrace of Mike's rock heavy roots, underscored by the single's straight-forward strings and live percussive backbone.

Mike reiterated his desire to display his full creative range and offer fans a complete presentation of his musical DNA. He explains the style and substance of the single here.

"With the state of the world right now, we're all sick of something. I wanted to take my roots in metal and really mix it with rap; but not that corny mainstream shit. I wanted to hit everyone hard with that heavy, energetic sound, but also a message that people can relate to.

We've all been stabbed in the back or screwed over at some point - especially in the creative scene. Quite honestly I'm "sick" of it and you end up seeing that trend a lot throughout the upcoming EP, 'Revenge'. I'm so stoked for people to finally hear this music. I think a lot of people will be able to relate, as well as want to punch something."

Since his arrival in 2018, the artist Mike's Dead has kicked a hole in the universe of aggressive music with his brand of brooding, bass-heavy trap noir. Combining a dark esthetic with the bravado of hip hop, the sound has resonated with a base that was raised on a steady diet of nu-metal and club bangers.

For context, Mike's Dead has since gone on to amass some 1 million followers across social platforms racking up some 15 million independent streams

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