Modern metalcore machine ENMY debut their latest "Deceiver"

Modern metalcore machine ENMY debut their latest "Deceiver"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Showcasing true passion in style and execution, the Ohio-based quartet continue their succession of single releases with their most impressive offering to date.

Emerging Ohio outfit ENMY have unveiled the latest in a steady succession of singles showcasing their finely-tuned brand of post-hardcore tinged aggression with the track, "Deceiver".

Following the success of previous rousers including "Lost" and "Never Enough," the collective has mounted an assertive charged in the space of modern metalcore with a commanding blend of brute force and layered melody.

A skilled weave of hulking guitars set to a locomotive-like cadence, is ultimately punctuated by the undeniable vocal prowess of frontman Brady Reis. The stylistic contrast of sonic heft and vocal melody resonate in a collection of songs that are best summarized as post-hardcore with anthemic sensibilities.

Since the band's 2019 formation, the team of Trevor Johnson (bass), Michael Quinn (guitar), rounded out with Kevin Vincent on drums have established their footing in the highly-competitive space of metalcore with a level of consistency in their music that has become the band's signature.

As for the band's latest showing, the track and accompanying visual make a compelling statement as their best work to-date. The requisite combo of high-octane distortion blanketed with Brady Reis' vocal charge - the track underscores the band's continued evolution and destined success.

Reis spoke of the track and the emotional weight that results in such a powerful performance, “Right from the intro I knew the song was going to have ominous overtones. The subject of being taken advantage of in the past was at the forefront of my mind. This song gave me the opportunity to speak at the people who had a hand in the pessimistic outlook of the lyrics”.

Guitarist Michael Quinn added, “Deceiver started instrumentally with the initial guitar riff that you hear in the beginning. As we mapped out the song structure, we took the initial riff and broke it up by re-arranging notes and patterns. The idea was to “deceive” the listener, making them feel like they’re hearing the same riff again but in reality it’s something different”.

Watch the KNOTFEST premiere of "Deceiver" from ENMY below.
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