Modern thrash pushers Living Wreckage go for the jugular with "Endless War"

Modern thrash pushers Living Wreckage go for the jugular with "Endless War"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Comprised of players from Anthrax, Shadows Fall and Act of Defiance the latest single builds on the speed and precision established on the debut EP, 'One Foot In the Grave' and previews their forthcoming self-titled LP.

First commanding the attention of the greater heavy music community last year with the introduction of their debut EP, "One Foot In the Grave", the thrash unit of Living Wreckage instantly turned heads with a three-song onslaught indicative of the players substantial resumes.

Consisting of vocalist Jeff Gard (Death Ray Vision), guitarists Jon Donais (Anthrax, Shadows Fall) and Matt LeBreton (Downpour), bassist Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall, Act of Defiance) and drummer Jon Morency (Let Us Prey), the outfit teamed with extreme music purveyors M-Theory Audio and quickly got to the business of spreading their gospel of shred.

With songs like "Breaking Point" earning lofty comparisons to that of Skid Row and Pantera, the band's three-track introduction served as a telling precursor of the punishment still yet to be unleashed.

Enlisting the proper personnel in producer Shane Frisby (Unearth, Bury Your Dead), and the expert mix of Pete Rutcho (Revocation, Falling in Reverse), Living Wreckage have prepped their debut self-titled full length effort set for a September 23rd arrival via M-Theory Audio.

As a preview of the audio assault to come, the band have released a true-to-form banger asserting their thrash lineage in a way that is both modern and classic in its execution. "Endless War" bears with it the stylistic substance that makes thrash so timeless - speed, aggression and song dynamics designed to spark a fire.

The band's bassist Matt Bachand explains the track contrasts that of their previous releases by illustrating the band's more classic sensibilities. "With 'Endless War', we wanted to do a straight-forward thrasher. This song shows the more aggressive side of what we do as opposed to the previous releases of 'One Foot In The Grave' and 'Breaking Point,' which showcase a more melodic side to the band. As our influences are so varied, there is a little something for everyone on the upcoming full-length album."

The band's debut EP One Foot In the Grave is currently available via M-Theory - HERE. Follow Living Wreckage online for more details - HERE
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