Nadae combines a poignant ode and progressive metalcore on "The Lover"

Nadae combines a poignant ode and progressive metalcore on "The Lover"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The single serves as the second serving from the upcoming album, 'The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth'.

Embracing an element of the symphonic in his brand of progressive metalcore, multi-hyphenate Nadae has penned a powerful tribute to his wife, Cynthia Sipes on his latest track, "The Lover".

Contrasting the previous preview from his pending album The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth in "The Fighter", the second single presents a poignant duet between husband and wife, as Jacob and Cynthia toe a fine line between the heavy and the harmonious.

Combining choral vocals, dynamic percussion and weighty guitars, the track offers a sense of elegance that is rarely associated with driving metalcore. Combined with the grace of the visual from the musician who doubles as a filmmaker, "The Lover" showcases a fresh take the genre.

Nadae spoke of the single and his approach to crafting a complete presentation - pairing the music and visual so that both compliment one another. " I now begin every project by asking, ‘what is the unique personality of the story? What does it want to say and to whom?’ My direction flows from these questions. For example, directing 'The Fighter' music video was a lesson in how to shout the defiant, combative statement ‘I will rise and conqueror’ with every silent punch. In contrast, 'The Lover' required a very delicate balance between aggression and softness, both of which needed to scream ‘I love you.’ For each video an entirely different directorial hand was required."

Artistry aside, Nadae also spoke of the thematic importance of the track on a personal level, "always have the courage to tell those close to you, I love you."

Stay tuned for more from Nadae and the pending release of the album, The Septhed: Gods of Kenilworth. Watch the Knotfest premiere of "The Lover" below.
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