New school metalcore unit After Hour Animals showcase big melody on "Lose My Head"

New school metalcore unit After Hour Animals showcase big melody on "Lose My Head"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Milwaukee quartet package arena-ready sound with the kind of sincerity that separate them from pack.

Milwaukee metalcore prospects After Hour Animals have continued their succession of steady singles with the latest in their arsenal of arena-ready rock anthems with their latest, "Lose My Head".

Tapping into the formula of previous 2021 cuts like "My Anxiety" and "High Strung," the latest offering from the band is a seamless arrangement of well polished rock anchored by the dynamic delivery of dual vocalist, Nik Voyn and Armon Salamati. Contrasting ethereal melodies with well-place raucous roars, the result is streamlined, succinct serving of aggression that manages to never veer too far into the abrasive.

As for the source material of the band's brand of distortion and angst, vocalist Nik Voyn further details the narrative at the core of their latest offering. "Lose My Head is about the constant struggle of wanting to let people in, but not being able to let go of past heartache. As you grow older love develops a new meaning, and you have to learn to balance love with the other aspects of your life such as work, fun, friends, and family. Oftentimes it feels as if we don’t have enough time in the day to fit it all in, which leads to stress and avoiding relationships completely. From personal experience, this has led to me abusing substances to block out the anxiety completely which only makes things worse. At the end of the day we need to all find the perfect balance in order to be happy.”

Given the weighty personal connection to the track, the immersive experience that ultimately anchors the stylistic signature of After Hours Animals is why the performance translates so powerfully. Brimming with emotion, finding complete release in the music, the band understands that quality music, regardless of genre, is contingent on a discernible level of authenticity. For the Milwaukee quartet, these songs source real life and as such connects a growing base of real fans in a very real way.

While radio rock can often run afoul for being disingenuous, After Hour Animals set the bar with they craftsmanship and differentiated themselves in keeping the message behind the music always 100.

Stream the latest single "Lose My Head" from After Hour Animals below.
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