NOLA newcomers Transient deliver modern nu-metal crunch on their latest "Goodbye"

NOLA newcomers Transient deliver modern nu-metal crunch on their latest "Goodbye"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Jody Linnell formerly of 12 Stones and Smile Empty Soul taps into that Y2K sound with a bleak, bouncy banger.

Comprised of Jody Linnell, the former bassist of Smile Empty Soul and 12 Stones, vocalist Trey J. Mollo, guitarist Emmett Shumate, and drummer Phil Krohn, Transient was initially intended to be a solo effort, but Linnell founding himself working regularly with the team of cohorts and finding a creative synergy that resulted in the band's down tuned groove.

Formed during the pandemic in 2020, the band quickly found their stride and debuted two successful singles in "Nightmare" and "This Heart," both of which gained immediate traction with features in genre authorities including Metal Injection.

For the band's third offering, "Goodbye," Transient again asserts their massive crunch and a progression of the nu-metal era bounce that seems to be experiencing a resurgence of late. The band explained the genesis of the track. Vocalist Trey J. Mollo shares, “This song is a story about a girl who was a dear friend of mine. She was loved by many people, but her true colors were pretty bleak. While we were tracking the song, I thought about how everyone has dealt with this scenario in some shape or form and that we learn and grow from those experiences.”

The band's founder in Jody Linnell added, “This track was really fun to write. The only thing we had in mind was dipping back into our old school nu metal influences and creating something that would explode in a live situation. I think we definitely achieved that with this one. Hope everyone digs it!”

With plans to complete the band's introductory EP just in time to hit the road in support of the drop this summer, "Goodbye" is an auspicious showing from a crew that is certain to make their mark in modern metal. Stream the Knotfest premiere of "Goodbye" from Transient available via Dreambound below.

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