Nu-metal prospects Relent team with RunAgainstTraffic to combat human trafficking with "Heavy"

Nu-metal prospects Relent team with RunAgainstTraffic to combat human trafficking with "Heavy"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The project sees the band teaming with the non-profit RunAgainstTraffic in a video that offers powerful personal testimony of the real-life terror.

Texas-based nu-metal revivalists Relent have released an emotionally-loaded effort with a track that bares with it a powerful, personal nexus. The cinematic take on their song “Heavy,” tackles the topic of sex trafficking with testimony very close to home for the band.

“There are honestly no words for the emptiness this specific issue leaves for those affected by it,” Relent’s frontman Miggy Sanchez explains. “‘Heavy’ does its best to not only tell a story, but to rip the mask off the disgusting business of sex trafficking while bringing healing to those In need.”

The video is releasing in partnership with RunAgainstTraffic, a non-profit focused on empowering ordinary individuals to support survivors of human trafficking in their healing process.

The music video was directed by Joel Burris. The visual follows a true-to-life story of one individual’s harrowing experience of being trafficked. Due to the nature of the content, viewer discretion is advised.

Choosing to address this painful topic was natural for Miggy, who writes with perspective gained through his wife’s story. As a survivor of human trafficking, she was able to offer Miggy unique insight. “I didn’t find out until we were married that she had walked through those things as a young teenager,” Miggy explains. “When I got to hear that part of my wife’s story, it drove me to tears and broke my heart for her. Watching my wife now, she has such a passion for those subjects.”

RunAgainstTraffic founder Tommy Green, also known for his role in the metalcore monolith Sleeping Giant, says, “When I first heard the song heavy by Relent, I was blown away by the truth of it. I could hear and feel the pain of someone who’s been directly connected to the suffering of human trafficking. I consider it a deep honor to be given the opportunity to partner with a true story, one that carries extraordinary weight. Human trafficking is heavy, and this song is heavy. I think it’s the sound of a real survivor that needs to be heard and championed.”

Get involved with supporting survivors of human trafficking at You can find out more about Relent at, or by finding them on Facebook and Instagram.

Watch the Knotfest premiere of "Heavy" from Relent in partnership with RunAgainstTraffic below.
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