Octopus Montage takes aim at virtue signalers on their latest single, "Voices"

Octopus Montage takes aim at virtue signalers on their latest single, "Voices"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Blackpool pop-punk/metalcore amalgam dismantle the disingenuous on arguably their most aggressive offering to date.

The stylistic collision of pop-punk and metalcore is an unlikely marriage but one that has proven resoundingly effective for Blackpool prospects, Octopus Montage.

Despite having some traction prior, the band really found their footing in 2019, setting an incredibly prolific pace with a succession of releases including the debut of their Catharsis EP and the introduction of their Reborn (...Again) LP. The band's ability to fluidly move between the catchy dynamics of their pop punk sensibilities, counter-balanced by fits of all out volatility offered a compelling sound clash that carried command.

As has been the familiar story, the band's 2020 plans to tour and share the live iteration of their craft with fans were derailed by the pandemic, forcing Octopus Montage to pivot the best way they knew how. The result was steady stream of single releases to add to the band's impressive catalog, that now comprise a sizable chunk of their soon to be released LP, How to Live and How to Lose.

Tracks like "Right Here With Me," "Grow Up" and "A Shortcut (To the Unconscious Mind)" showcased the band's full stylistic range and further asserted that combined with the pop, Octopus Montage could pack a punch.

Continuing to build on the momentum of the last two years, Octopus Montage has already delivered as many tracks as months in 2021. In contrast to the power-pop Warped Tour-esque "Dopamine" dropped last month, Octopus Montage are going straight for the jugular with their latest, "Voices".

Tackling the heady subject matter of mental health, the track aims to dismantle the disingenuous ploys and insincere virtue signaling that has become a part of the conversation when it comes to the very real problem. Vocalist Alex Jennings explains, "‘Voices’ takes away the bullshit surrounding mental issues. All too often they can be made to look trendy or used as a ‘quirk’ when in reality, anyone who suffers with one knows that they would do anything to get rid of it.’"

Utilizing their built-in dual vocal capabilities, the contrast of screaming rasp and melodic pop between the chorus and the verse offer a bounce between the real urgency of the problem and the placating that has become part of the public show in addressing mental wellness.

The stylistic mesh not only allows Octopus Montage to flex their range on the same track, but works well in conveying the overall message of the single in that mental health is a very real problem for people and not a marketing angle.

Stream the premiere of "Voices" from Octopus Montage below. 'How to Live and How to Lose' arrives April 2, 2021.

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