Post prog prospects Fayne flex power and precision with their latest, "Reified"

Post prog prospects Fayne flex power and precision with their latest, "Reified"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Building on the momentum of their "Empath/Hubris" release, the Montreal outfit asserts their strength with their first preview from their live Vault Session.

For Montreal's post prog specialists Fayne, the road to artistic fulfillment has been long and winding, though productive in it's practice of patience. While the band in some iteration has been in existence since the mid-2000's, it wasn't until a decade later that the wheels began turning.

In 2014, Fayne reconnected to deliver The Queen of Kings, and thus the impetus for what would be the most current version of the project that had never died but never really thrived yet either. Following a subsequent Canadian tour that saw the band supporting the likes of The Contortionist and Vanna, Fayne would again course correct in 2017, enlisting Justin Furtado formerly of Red Skies and Feels Like Home to serve as their new vocalist.

It would seem to be the final piece of the puzzle as things quickly escalated from there. In the same year, Fayne, would make their full length studio debut, Journals. The momentum of the album only swelled as the band, just a year later churned out the chart-climbing "Grimspeak" - an effort that earned the band a greater awareness as a formidable force in the space of modern, progressive metalcore.

Presumably dealing with the same pause brought on by the pandemic that the rest of the world struggled to contend with, Fayne spent three years recalibrating their sound, only to resurface with the mammoth one-two of their sprawling wall of sound in "Empath/Hubris". Unveiled in two parts, "Empath" set a profound precedent with a 7-minute epic that oscillated from melodic to menacing in what was no doubt the band's most layered, dynamic composition thus far.

The second half of the cycle saw Fayne at their most relentless with the bombastic barrage of "Hubris". An effective wrangle on organized chaos, the track came out swinging and never let up - asserting that while Fayne had become well in tune with their technicality, they had plenty of tenacity in the tank just the same.

Marking the start of the band's latest campaign, "Reified" builds upon that balance of intensity and intricacy that have become synonymous with the Montreal outfit. Taken from the band's live Vault Session, the accompanying visual serves well in showcasing the power and prowess that remain integral to the band's pummel. Complete with crushing percussion, soaring guitars and an explosive showing from Furtado, "Reified" is Fayne at their very best.

Stream the Knotfest premiere of Fayne's "Reified" from the live Vault Session below.

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