Premiere: Desolate tap Japanese manga for the pummeling track 'MissingNo. (177013)'

Premiere: Desolate tap Japanese manga for the pummeling track 'MissingNo. (177013)'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The track revisits the tragic tale of Saki Yoshida, her desire for popularity and her eventual spiral out of control.

The latest from New York metalcore outfit Desolate sources the infamous Japanese manga, "Metamorphosis," to recount a tale of fleeting popularity, dependency, and inevitable destruction.

Following the tale of Saki Yoshida, the track details the impressionable young girl's desire to be popular and her eventual spiral into drug abuse, prostitution, and suicide as result of her falling in with the wrong crowd.

Sonically, the offering is a precise pummeling of aggressive guitars and relentless percussion. The volatile nature of the song bodes well with underscoring the tragic nature of the source material. The story of Yoshida is grim, despairing, and most scary of all, all too realistic.

The band's cultural affinity for Japanese graphic novels and comics is a familiar theme. Desolate's 2019 release, Oyasumi Vol. 1 explored similar concepts packaged with the band's knack for capturing volatility on the track.

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Watch the premiere of "MissingNo. (177013)" from Desolate below.

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