Premiere: Industrial metal horde Kissing Candice unveil the ultra-provocative visual for "Raise Her"

Premiere: Industrial metal horde Kissing Candice unveil the ultra-provocative visual for "Raise Her"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The video takes an unnerving look at the power dynamic of fetishism in a 3-minute jaunt that is not for the squeamish.

Approaching nearly a decade in the game, cinematic industrial metal outfit Kissing Candice have unveiled a haunting new single in "Raise Her" that showcases the band's continuously evolving brand of horror-tinged heavy.

Following the successful release of their late 2020 single, "Tapeworm," Kissing Candice asserted an emphatic reintroduction after some time away. The dynamic meld of precision, heft, and electronic accents result powerful showing of modernity in metal.

The follow up to "Tapeworm" in "Raise Her" leans more on the band's industrial roots to create a haunting 3-minute jaunt that translates like a slow-moving spiraling descent into an especially dark place.

Director Tom Flynn and the band's Joey Simpson (performing as Aunt Donna) collaborated on the accompanying visual for the track that explores the power dynamic linked to fetishism. The video depicts an especially raw portrayal of indulgence with the intention of immersing the audience in an underworld few people see.

“Sexy, creepy, uncomfortable, and just good old fashioned WEIRD! Tom Flynn and myself really pushed the visuals of this video as far as we could go without crossing that line," explained Simpson. “I want people to watch this music video and walk away saying, 'what the hell was that?! I like it.'"

As for the track itself - pure indulgence. The band's guitarist Tommy "Dreamer" Sciro explains that the overall theme is intended to embrace extremity. "Raise her is a complete serotonin overload, saturated in fetishism in all respects. The song explores and exploits the different and varied ways humans tend to indulge themselves in whatever gets them off. This could include sexual/sensual things, all the way to having power and control and even extreme fetishism which includes violence, blood and pain."

Pushing the boundaries in both style and execution, Kissing Candice's unapologetic display of outsider art is tough to watch but impossible to look away from.

Watch the probably NSFW Knotfest premiere of "Raise Her" from Kissing Candice. Pre-save the track for streaming - HERE
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