Premiere: Jeromes Dream tap into their Connecticut hardcore roots with "AAEEAA"

Premiere: Jeromes Dream tap into their Connecticut hardcore roots with "AAEEAA"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The single previews the band's third full length album, 'The Gray In Between'.

Inching closer to the arrival of the band's third full length effort, The Gray In Between, due out May 5th via Iodine Recordings, Connecticut hardcore vets Jeromes Dream have unveiled a second preview of the project with the release of "AAEEAA".

The single follows the initial introduction of the potent lead single, "Stretched Invisible from London" - a track that bassist/vocalist Jeff Smith explained originated shortly after Russian forces began their invasion of Ukraine. Less a song spoke to any political ideology, the single served as an important reminder of how vital art can be, offering a beckon of light during the darkest of times.

For the latest offering from the album, the hardcore trio craft a simple, no less sophisticated off-timed dose of heft that both pays tribute to some of their most enduring musical influences and thematically expands on the idea of living in the moment rather than remaining stuck in the past.

Jeff Smith further elaborated on the theme of the track. “This song is about the enlightenment of acceptance. "Whether we look to apologize for something we have done or we are looking for an apology for something that has been done to us, it's easy to get wrapped up in what has happened while losing sight of what is actually happening in the moment. But as people realize and accept what they can't change, the peace of enlightenment fills the void.”

Drummer Erik Ratensperger detailed how the track's distinct rhythm harkens back to his musical foundation and how "AAEEAA" is a bit of a full circle moment stemming from the formative Connecticut hardcore scene.

"AAEEAA was one of the last songs we wrote for The Gray In Between. At the time, there was a debate about whether it should be included on the record. Jeff was hesitant, thinking it was too weird and might not fit with the rest of the tracks. However, Jack Shirley, who we recorded with, suggested that its uniqueness was all the more reason to include it. The song's musical backbone is the repetitive nature of the "kick kick, snare/ kick kick, snare" beat pattern. I adopted this pattern early on in my younger years of drumming after seeing local heroes from CT, Jasta 14, play in the mid-nineties. Their drummer, Todd Zullo (TZ), who tragically passed away in a car accident in 2015, was an inspiration for me. I always thought he was a really great drummer. The drum beat is a reference to their song "BUST," which always felt cool to me, due to the delayed kicks. In a way, for me at least, ‘AAEEAA' is an ode to TZ's playing.”

Apart from the band's performative prowess and their impactful songwriting, The Gray In Between is a triumph for a band now well into the second phase of their long tenured career. Jeromes Dream first made their mark during the influential 1997-2001 era. It would be nearly two decades until the band again surfaced in 2018, delivering their first full length in 18 years with their 2019 LP.

Building on the second wave of momentum, Jeromes Dream enlisted Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Quicksand, Joyce Manor) to help bring The Gray In Between to fruition - an album that also marks the introduction of Sean Leary (Loma Prieta) on guitars.

In detailing the ethos of the album and the underlying theme of resilience, Jeff Smith said of the album overall, "The entirety of The Gray In Between is a portrait of an absolutely unrelenting fear and anxiety that never seems to let up," Smith explained. "It is a journey inward. It is a reflection on ailment. It is therapeutic. It is a reminder to get out of bed every day even when it feels like there is no point. It is a reminder of the power that art and music hold. It is an inspiration. It is the embodiment of every emotion that runs through me every day."

The Gray In Between arrives May 5th via Iodine Recordings. Pre-order the album - HERE

"Conversations: In Time, On Mute"
"Stretched Invisible from London"
"South By Isolation"
"Pines on the Hill (With Guests)"
"Cosmos In Season"
"On Holiday with Infinity"
"The Future of Memory"
"Often Oceans"
"The Last Water Pearl"

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