Premiere: Monasteries assert brutality that strikes with precision on "Allowing Your Traitors To Die"

Premiere: Monasteries assert brutality that strikes with precision on "Allowing Your Traitors To Die"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Manchester tech-death outfit bridge instrumental accuracy with an emotional purge on their Seek & Strike debut.

Emerging tech-death outfit Monasteries, have officially commenced the next phase in their campaign of aggression with the announcement of a new EP and the introduction of a pulverizing new visual for the track, "Allowing Your Traitors To Die".

A devastating meld of instrumental proficiency and pinpoint precision anchors Monasteries heavy handed delivery on the emphatic introduction. Flexing a keen ability to create powerful song dynamics, the cut manages to fluidly pivot from a slow pummel to a frenzied attack in a way that translates as cohesive and calculated - the track is organized chaos that is both brutal and bold.

Serving as the first offering from the band's forthcoming EP Silence set to drop on April 23rd via Seek & Strike, the Manchester outfit is ambitiously bridging subcategories of heavy music in a way that earns its respect. The twists and turns throughout the track are sharp, succinct, and almost surgical in their accuracy. Monasteries accents of tech function like well-placed punches that strike direct and unexpectedly.

The band offered their own take on the introduction. “Our new music video for the track, 'Allowing Your Traitors to Die,' takes you on a haunting journey through the realization that nobody, regardless of what they may mean to you, is perfect.

Musically, it's an assault of aggression and sheer brutality. The final product is the first step in a new era for Monasteries, born out of our upcoming EP Silence. We could not have even hoped for a better piece of work to lead with than this track, so strap in and prepare for the intensity!"

Watch Monasteries properly introduce themselves below. Pre-save "Allowing Your Traitors To Die" from Monasteries via Seek & Strike - HERE
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