Premiere: Mountain Caller showcase their epic brand of prog-doom with "I Remember Everything"

Premiere: Mountain Caller showcase their epic brand of prog-doom with "I Remember Everything"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The lush visual directed by Tom Le Bon presents a compelling narrative that is navigated through the band's engaging meld of prog, doom, and post metal.

The London outfit of Mountain Caller are set to make their grand introduction with the release of their debut, Chronicle I: The Truthseeker.

The fluid meld of progressive rock, stylized doom, and modern post metal, works in tandem with the band's methodic penchant for narrative - especially impressive when the vessel in creating such a storyline is done through instrumental music.

Ahead of the November 6th release, the band is premiering a detailed glimpse into the world they have created with the album with the single, "I Remember Everything."

The Tom Le Bon-helmed visual is a stunning example of the band's complete presentation. While many make the claim to have a balance of sight and sound, Mountain Caller underscore the totality of their talent with the video for "I Remember Everything."

The band's guitarist Claire Simson details the direction of the music video. "The video for 'I Remember Everything' was directed and produced by ridiculously talented friend of the band Tom Le Bon. It tells fragments of the story written in tandem with the album and even features The Protagonist.

It's not a literal dramatisation but the scenes are symbolic parts of the story and the film team did an outstanding job bringing it to life. We are beyond stoked with how it turned out and can't wait to share it with the world."

With regards to the album, the collection of 6-tracks clocking in at 42-minutes, details an allegory with a feminist lean. Each song serves to create a landscape that varies from desolate to mystifying in which the Protagonist of the tale set out on a journey of self-discovery.

It's that kind of forward-thinking that loans itself to such a dynamic collection of songs. This is less an album than an original score crafted by a prog-doom trio. Each track adds another chapter in the saga and creates a world that is both immersive and intriguing.

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Watch the premiere of "I Remember Everything" from Mountain Caller below.
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