Premiere - Nicolas Cage Fighter tackle inner demons with "Devil's Head"

Premiere - Nicolas Cage Fighter tackle inner demons with "Devil's Head"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The second single from the band's forthcoming EP address weighty subject matter with well-crafted catharsis.

The Aussie audio assault team of Nicolas Cage Fighter have unveiled the second single from their forthcoming EP in "Devil's Head."

The track is part of a collection of tracks in what will be a concept release addressing the heady subject matter of depression and mental health. Creating the metaphorical enemy in the 'Black Jackal,' the band explain the origins of the "Devil's Head."

Nicolas Cage Fighter collectively issued the following of the track,"...represents the symptoms of depression and the changes in you that come and go, the Devil rearing his head, as it were."

The band has charged ahead after having disbanded in 2014 and untlatelyt coming together with a new line up in 2019. Gaining some steam, the plan was to enter the studio for a proper return, only to have plans derailed one week into the process by a statewide lockdown due to the pandemic.

Since then, the band has continued to work and churn out pummeling tracks befitting their namesake.

Nicolas Cage Fighter's new single "Devil's Head" is out now and available - HERE as well as your preferred DSP. Watch the premiere for the music video below.
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