Premiere: Stepson hit the accelerator with their latest "Come With Me"

Premiere: Stepson hit the accelerator with their latest "Come With Me"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Brisbane hardcore outfit screams with conviction on their latest single from their emphatic Shaprtone Records debut, 'Help Me, Help You'

Aussie antagonists Stepson are currently riding high with their recent Shaprtone Records debut with 'Help Me, Help You' that dropped just last week.

The band's brand of high octane hardcore, accented with the occasional style points of emo-era sheen make for a polished product that is as aggressive as it is articulate.

A prime example of that deft combination is band's latest single from the LP in "Come With Me," a three minute barnburner, anchored by the impassioned vocal charge of zStepson's voice, Brock Alan Conry. The track tackles weighty themes like confrontation and disappointment with equal parts reverence and rage in a single that would certainly fire up a circle pit just as effectively as it compels you sit and listen.

The band shared their headspace when it came to this particularly track. "'Come With Me' is about the struggle of understanding both sides to a story, especially where no communication is involved. It's about being unable to fulfill expectations you've been set and failing to be the person they thought you were. The film clip captures one side of this story and how the subtle decline can lead to desperation."

Stepson's debut album 'Help Me, Help You' is currently available via Shaprtone Records and can be found - HERE. Watch the premiere of the band's latest music video for "Come With Me" below.
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