Prog prospects The Erkonauts debut 'I Want It To End'

Prog prospects The Erkonauts debut 'I Want It To End'

- By Ramon Gonzales

Drawing lofty comparisons to the likes of System Of A Down and Gojira, the Swiss outfit is a promising balance of precision and power.

Swiss progressive outfit The Erkonauts have unveiled their third studio effort, I Want It To End and have further established themselves as one of the subgenre's most intriguing, emerging names.

Lead by the strength of contrasting singles like "Five Orange Seeds" and "War Flamingos," the band has drawn comparisons to the likes of System Of A Down and Gojira for good reason.

Showcasing the different ends of the band's sonic spectrum, "Five Orange Seeds" delivers calculated heft with a measured swing, the track hits hard but strikes efficiently. "War Flamingos" however is an all out assault, the kind of track translates as pure release, backed by the kind of technical prowess that makes Erkonauts more substance than spectacle.

The tandem of tracks functions well in laying the groundwork for the album as a whole. Tracks like "The Future Ends with You," The Cult of the Burning Star" and "The Sun" embrace the same ability to articulate an especially heavy sound with an ebb and flow of energy that develops as each track plays out. The peaks and valleys give each entry the kind of dynamic that makes for an interesting listen.

While the instrumental proficiency of the band as a whole is on full display, it's especially impressive that bassist/vocalist Ales Campanelli is able to pull off some of the feats that the band captured on wax. The same way the cadence of the songs from Erkonauts goes from measured to menacing, so does Campanelli's rallying cry. His ability to implement his instrumental ability and pair it with such versatile vocals substantiates that this quartet is certainly deserving of the hype.

I Want It To End from The Erkonauts is currently available - HERE
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