Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground

Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground

- By Chris Hudson

Featuring undeniably talented tracks from The Worst of Us, Aurora View, All Wasted, Saint Raven, and even a Wonder Woman cover.

The Unsigned Underground continues to roar loudly and impressively, capturing our attention from all over the globe.

Boston's The Worst of Us punches "565" through with the aggression turned past 11. Firing off an arsenal of different vocals equipped with a bridge that explodes causing mass carnage, brutal breakdowns and a sky-high solo.


Aurora View's "Honey Oil" rips of strong vibes of high crossover success. With alternative leaning verses, the band builds to hammer home brutal BMTH-esque choruses paired with an equally fierce bridge. Aurora View displays a uniquely refreshing brand of originality that is sure to make them a household name. A definite stand-out track.


Once Awake drops their full album 'Bridgeburner' featuring the smash "Fold". Fresh off the album is a video for the title track, one that wastes no time in throwing it all down. The band brings straight power both sonically and in earth-shattering vocals.

Definitely a band to keep on your radar, check the full album here - www.once-awake.com/


On "I Don't Want to Be Afraid Anymore" Prison revs up their overwhelming talent to unleash haymaker after haymaker on a non-stop all-out assault.


Gothenburg, Sweden's All Wasted new blast "Passion of Crime" is a heart pounding sprint from the beginning. This track just flat out fucking rips. The charisma is over-flooding from the catchy-as hell opening riff through the ear-worm chorus. Listen, then listen again, then listen all weekend.


Salt Lake City's Saint Raven throws down a truly unique brutal dagger in the track "Joker". This dark ominous setting seethes raspy vocals blowing reminiscent vibes of legendary Lemmy. The gnarly industrial pulses makes this a "put-on-repeat" track. This band deserves more ears and more of your time.


Sweden again shines, this time with Allt's "Odium" off their upcoming debut album 'Dark Waters' dropping Oct 30th. Shattering vocals batter a never-dull ambush of massive breakdowns. You'll know you went 12 rounds when the track ends.


Outta the Sunshine state, Dyne Side lights the match for a pounding 0-60 explosion in the just over a minute supernova bringing some fiercely heavier Royal Blood vibes.


The Monolith Deathcult drops "The White Silence" hoping to use destructive doom to further their timely message. Deep growls and fun escape for a heavy brooding track from the self-proclaimed "alpha and omega of death metal"

That tongue in cheek self-loathing behavior continues on full display in their video below.


On "The Magus and the Mire", the first single off Oct. 23rd's 'Vicissim' full length release (which you can pre-order here), Incriminating Silence (Minneapolis) utilizes an effective slow burn - luring the audience before unleashing all out thrash warfare. The kick-off track is packed with riveting riffs, snarly solos and ranging vocals on an epic scale.

Lil Loaded continues to impress in bringing aggression through a mainstream hip-hop sound. His vocals slam hard with emphasis in his dynamic range. This time on "Narco", Lil Loaded pairs with a tingly thrilling beat to round out the experience.

Check out "Narco" & last month's previously spotlighted "High School Dropout" on his recent full album drop, 'A Demon in 6lue" here.


Danger broods from Finland in Portraits' newest "At My Darkest" the title track off their recently released debut album. Fiery conquering all in its way, "At My Darkest" blazes through.


Sweden makes another appearance courtesy of With Heavy Hearts and their track "Nothing". The track is solid, shining through its anthem stomping chorus, making us miss live shows when we could all throw our chants and fists up together.


ALESTI is further proof that metal continues to make its mark, as it twists and mashes in an era where genres are becoming more and more overlapping.

On "Paralyzed", featuring Thousand Below's James DeBerg, producer Alesti continues blending metal into the electronic sounds, further pushing metal into the modern earspace.


Lost Trees brings the post-metalcore from Florida with the new track "Stagnant" on their recently released EP "Waking Life". An aggressive scattershot attack, utilizing a charming clean chorus to bring it all home.


Andromida continues his relentless attack transfusing metal into the synth-explosion to impressive and exiting results. On "The Pathogen Downfall" he adds more of a slaying mechanical beat, propelling this track on a constantly changing adventure.


Finland's Megaraptor rips the already rocking "Wonder Woman Theme" into a fuller, more metal and pulsating expression with a show stopping solo to satisfy all the needs. The track builds into an overloading climax.

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