Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground 8.21.20

Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground 8.21.20

- By Chris Hudson

Unsigned Underground sprawls the world for our favorite unsigned artists putting out new music

Unsigned Underground sprawls the world for our favorite unsigned artists putting out new music. Here's the lineup for 8.21.2020.

"Cornered", the new track from dEMOTIONAL (Gothenburg / Växjö), rips through like an unmatched machine not seen since the T-800. Fully equipped with world ending breakdowns, combustion force from colliding clean & dirty vocals and even a piano bridge souped up with sky writing fretting. This supernova will swallow you whole.


Powered by a heartbeat kicking from a slap-bass line high on adderall, "War Flamingoes" off The Erkonauts' (Switzerland) upcoming Oct 1st album 'I Want It To End', is a blistering three minute sprint. Speed is only a section, admittedly one they're damn good at, the track also hits funky bass, hyper-speed drumming, and emotion evoking vocals you can scream to.


Russia's GOSPOD preaches on "Precept" which harrows with ritualistic throat singing juxtaposed across crashing drums with pounding, yet frantic thought-provoking spiritual fretwork leaving a metal cathartic experience not soon to be forgotten. Hear the full EP here.


Wrymind, another Russian import from Saint Petersburg, release their new EP 'Prologue' and holy hell, this album just straight rips. The brawn of the vocals knocks you on your ass while the soaring fretwork smacks you back up. This intense chaos even finds time for well placed synths alongside aggressive breakdowns. Can't miss with "Solipsism" or "The Witcher" either, hit this whole thing here.


No Soul brings the violence from the New England area with a medley of brutal attacks while consistently keeping the tempo from settling into comfortability. Adding a charismatic clean vocal chorus, the band seems destined to be a permanent staple on future playlists. Don't miss other stand-out tracks "Dirge" & "Delineate" off their recent debut album available here.


Transfusing breakdowns into pissed off beats, Mad Essence from Kiev, Ukraine inject the heavy chaos into their latest hip hop inspired electronicore track "Salvation: False" off their upcoming album 'Connections'.


VVARP bring the gnarly crunch force from Melbourne, Australia. On "Sommarsolståndet" they unleash dark, gritty and dirty blows, punctuated with long droning vocals and piercing notes. Full album, 'First Levitations' releases August 31st.


Reigning from Bryansk, Russia, Regain the Legacy drops "Пустые" (translated to "Empty" or "Hollow"), a track with a modern metal appeal. Featuring bellowing roars that at times channel an inner Chester Bennington scream, enticing cleans at the chorus and electronic hits just as fierce as the heavy guitar slams during breakdowns, Regain the Legacy eyes an impending horizon.


On "Fracture Fiction", the vocal range is obviously a highlight but far from the only thing that makes this straight pound pavement. The glitchy bruiser can easily step into the local MMA ring and knock some teeth. With the full EP, 'Misanthropis', now released - Monmouth, UK's Hellth is ready to head to the playground full force.


Richmond, Virginia outfit, Fallen Shrines keeps it instrumental but never stale with high arching fretwork, unlimited shredding, melodic flows and gnarly riffs. "Effigy" is a skillful encounter.

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