Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground 9.04.20

Pulse of the Maggots: Unsigned Underground 9.04.20

- By Chris Hudson

Unsigned Underground didn't disappoint this week with new music showcasing the future of aggressive culture.

Unsigned Underground didn't disappoint this week with new music showcasing the future of aggressive culture.

A ripping new track from Tethra expands a further trend that could realistically be the future of metal. With intense synths powering the track ahead, charismatic clean vocals at the chorus gruesomely bitten into by crushing screams and a wild solo at the bridge, this track feels like the complete package and calling of a new generation of metal.


The Gloom in the Corner out of Australia is poised for a massive career with well-crafted songwriting utilizing immersive narratives creatively and thorough enough to be it's own cinematic universe. Recently the band sat down with Knotfest to chat the new track, "Warfare", and more. Check it out here.


I Revolt lets the riffs fly on this hammerhead of a track. "Spit or Swallow" showcases the vast talent featuring polished top of the genre screams, machine gun drums, a shredding solo, and enough climaxing breakdowns to bring a smile to every metal fan.


Aggressive Hip-Hop has long been intertwined in the rock & metal world long before nu-metal made it fashionable in the late 90s. With the eruption of artists growing up in a world where genre wasn't as polarizing as years prior, where artists like City Morgue grew up on Slipknot, the hard hitting beats become as impactful as the riffs destroying ears and the brutal raps brood with power as shaking as the screams laid across metal hits.

Lil Loaded embodies this on his new track "High School Dropout" with fierce vocal splatter above incredibly vibey beats that send the bass crashing hard. Embrace the cross-over appeals of these two genres encompassed in one culture that doesn't give a fuck.


Outta Austin, TX, Catch Your Breath has the vibe of a hardcore version of Bring Me the Horizon. With "Criminal" the band showcases why they might be the next to shoot up the festival admat and explode across genres with synth vibes, hardcore vocals topped with ear worm clean choruses to make the audience swoon, and finely designed riffs climaxing at the right times making this a can't miss track, and band.


Abbie Falls sends earth rippling waves across the world from their epicenter in Prague, Czech Republic with their new track "Mayday". While the aggressive punches both musically and vocally are no doubt to get the attention, their creative attention to details in the open space and timing keep this heads and shoulders above the average track.


Eve of Alana (Hamburg, Germany) doesn't need to always bring the heavy to be effective, utilizing light moments for volatility to complete the experience. "Killer Pheromone" is the live cut single of their performance at Los Angeles' famous Whiskey A Go-Go prior to the lockdown (remember live concerts?), part of their full live album 'Before the Pandemic' also dropping today. The track below is great, but don't sleep on "Manufacture of Your Mind". Definitely a band to get behind now.


For when you want your Looney Tunes sadistically tripping through destructive breakdowns, along the road comes The Sound That Ends Creation with "Can I Be Aborted Even Though I'm 29?". One of the most unique tracks you'll hear. Flip it on and just let this shit rip.


Bringing the pain from Belgium, Deadlines. showcases the skill on "Ark" off their first EP, ‘Human Error'. Laying the groundwork for a great takeoff to their career, the track batters across with frantic skilled guitar work and devastating crashes leveling a solid wallop for a premiere to the world.


And finally, for those who love their metal at the 8 Bit level comes a roaring blast from past with "Psychoknot" off the 8 Bit remix EP "Invisible Pixels" from Zen Bastard. The track hits in all the right ways blending gripping 8 Bit riffs over video game beats for a track all too enjoyable.

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