Pupil Slicer prove eager to reintroduce their brand of heft via Pulse of the Maggots

Pupil Slicer prove eager to reintroduce their brand of heft via Pulse of the Maggots

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging London mathcore trio detail the anxiety of releasing a debut album during a pandemic and how the opportunity to share their songs live during the digital festival is especially significant.

Among an emerging class of buzzworthy heavy artists, London's Pupil Slicer checked in for a conversation on Knotfest Daily to discuss their upcoming appearance during the entirely digital festival in Pulse of the Maggots.

Fresh off the band's Prosthetic Records debut, Mirrors, the loaded 38-minute jaunt proved to be gut-check in the world of heavy music. The potent meld of mathcore, grindcore, and an even skilled segments of atmospheric breaks in their assault drew comparisons to the likes of Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Deafheaven and Alcest to name just a few.


Given that kind of bold musical dynamic, the potential for mayhem with regards to the live translation is part of what makes the band's upcoming performance so exciting. It's a reality that the band admits is equally nerve-wrecking and enthralling just the same.

During their conversation on Knotfest Daily, the band shared the steak contrast in shows prior to the pandemic to now. Going from intimate club show confines to a global audience via the Knotfst Twitch stream, the band are especially eager to assert their muscle.

Viewing the streaming performance as a way to reintroduce the band to their much broader audience based on the strength of Mirrors, Pupil Slicer are equally excited about the show being able to finally perform their songs and about the performance capturing this moment in time and living forever online.

Revisiting the DIY nature of the album and the year since the songs were recorded, the band confided the kind of learning curve that came with making Mirrors and how they have grown in the subsequent months since. Remaining fairly tight-lipped about what the next year of touring will play out like, Pupil Slicer did reiterate that the ability to tour and experience the interact with fans is what has fueled the band's creative chemistry - thus 2022 is going to be a good year and Pulse of the Maggots will be a precursor of what's to come.

Watch the complete interview with Pupil Slicer on Knotfest Daily below.


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