Sid Wilson proteges Swollen Teeth showcase creative volatility on their self-titled debut EP

Sid Wilson proteges Swollen Teeth showcase creative volatility on their self-titled debut EP

- By Ramon Gonzales

Stream the caustic introductory track, which arrives as the first release on Ross Robinson, Ghostmane and Bill Armstrong's Blowed Out Records.

Existing somewhere between menace and mystique, the masked collective of Swollen Teeth have have finally confirmed the arrival of their debut, self-titled EP. Under the stewardship of Slipknot turntablist Sid Wilson, the anonymous enigma have reaffirmed their brand new school aggression with the introduction of their joint effort with the title track, "SWOLLENTEETH".

An unpredictable flex of belligerence that oscillates from blast beats to breakdowns, the introductory single reaffirms the hype that has propelled Swollen Teeth thus far. The band's sound is visceral, volatile and given that it is not a casual listen - best consumed at full volume.

Ushering in what looks to be a new era in the space of heavy music and culture, the launch of Swollen Teeth also coincides with a new joint venture between between renowned producer, Ross Robinson, genre-flouting disruptor Ghostemane and music industry veteran Bill Armstrong of SideOneDummy.

Swollen Teeth will serve as the first release on the trio's Blowed Out Records - reasserting a long-standing creative kinship between Wilson and Robinson and further nurturing that connection with new allies in Ghostemane and Armstrong. Wilson spoke auspiciously of the forecast for Swollen Teeth. “After all these years, when I thought I’d never find another group of humans outside of Slipknot that knew the formula to transparency thru frequencies, and not thru appearance, I discovered Swollen Teeth. This is trü-Metal!”

Robinson spoke about the excitement he still finds in discovery and how his belief in Swollen Teeth is something he is fully invested in. "Sid and I listening to roughs in Iowa, emotions ran high - I found myself getting chills throughout my body to that familiar molten metal pulse I love so much - this time that force is known as “Swollen Teeth” - hunger + talent have that vibration I can’t ignore - Bill, Eric, and I (“Blowed Out Records”) are totally committed to rip it out there for the long haul."

The self-titled EP from Swollen Teeth arrives April 26th as the inaugural release on Blowed Out Records. Check the unassumingt artwork and tracklisting below.



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