Silver Talon flex their range with a proper power metal ballad in "What Will Be"

Silver Talon flex their range with a proper power metal ballad in "What Will Be"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Evolving from the outfit Spellcaster, the Portland collective embraces a classic sound on their forceful full length debut, Decadence and Decay.

Set to the release their debut full-length album, Decadence and Decay, on May 28 via M-Theory Audio, the collective of Silver Talon have had an arduous path to thus far.

The band's previous iteration in Spellcaster, fizzled in 2017 thus allowing for guitarists Bryce VanHoosen and Sebastian Silva to quickly pivot and establish the infancy of what would become Silver Talon. Within the span of a productive year, the band had forge a sonic identity that tapped into spirit of legends the likes of King Diamond, Judas Priest and Alice in Chains with stylistic parallels.

Silver Talon's recorded introduction in 2018's 'Becoming A Demon' EP was well-received from fans and critics of the category. The five-track effort managed to earn the approval of the likes of Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy / Nevermore, who guested on the release for a searing cover of Sanctuary's "Battle Angels."

With Silver Talon mounting a very promising charge and finding their creative stride, 2019 would prove to be especially trying, resulting in a myriad of issues that hindered the band's momentum thus far. Enduring some line up changes and Visa issues for founding guitarist Sebastian Silva, the growing pains of being a new band hit especially hard. While 2020 like;y could have been the final nail in the coffin, the pause of the world actually resulted in a stretch of adjustment and productivity for the band.

Silver Talon is guitarist Devon Miller, bassist Walter Hartzell, and drummer Michael Thompson,

Serving as a particularly pivotal moment, Silver Talon released the single, "Deceiver, I Am" late last year and solidified their newly formed six-piece iteration with the addition guitarist Devon Miller, bassist Walter Hartzell, and drummer Michael Thompson, augmenting the core of Silva, VanHoosen, and vocalist Wyatt Howell. The triple guitar presentation offer a level of songwriting dynamics and sheer horse power that modernized the band's classic craft.

Leading into the release of their debut full length, Silver Talon have unveiled a succession of promising offerings including the incredibly dynamic "As The World Burns," the soaring shred of "Kill All Kings" and their most recent showing featuring Andy LaRoque of King Diamond and Death in "Resistance 2029" which just premiered via Brooklyn Vegan.

Sharing the final offering ahead of the full release of Decadence and Decay, Silver Talon flex their versatility as songwriters and their knack for melody with powerful ballad that harkens an era of timeless, cinematic power metal for the track, "What Will Be". Guitarist Bryce VanHoosen detailed the headspace that resulted in the track.

"'What Will Be' is the closest thing we have to a full on ballad, and is about the pressure and responsibility one feels in order to form their own future, destiny and world around them on their own terms. It’s a bit like the quote from Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? 'You will be required to do wrong no matter where you go. It is the basic condition of life, to be required to violate your own identity.' Somewhere at the end of life, we have to live with the choices and the life we've made."

Stream the premiere of "What Will Be" below. Pre-order Decadence and Decay from Silver Talon via M-Theory Audio - HERE

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