Slay Squad bridge the 808 and the breakdown with a menacing genre mesh in "Seishin"

Slay Squad bridge the 808 and the breakdown with a menacing genre mesh in "Seishin"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Southern California collective pushes a DIY agenda and a brand of beatdown that fuses bass heavy low end, brazen lyrical bars, and devastating deathcore.

Emerging from the hazy swelter of San Bernardino County, California collective Slay Squad are implementing the crew dynamic in the space of modern heavy music.

Earning their stripes and cultivating a true DIY ethos among Southern California's discerning underground hardcore ranks, the sextet established their signature of self-coined 'ghetto metal' in a way that is resonating with fans of swagger savvy hip-hop and no bulshit deathcore.

Solidifying their reputation with the kind of live experience that has made their shows the stuff of cult-like lore, Slay Squad personifies the progression of aggressive art in a way that builds, blends, and diversifies rather than panders. That progression can be referenced in the meld of 808s, bone-crunching guitars and heavy-wielding percussion that strikes a chord both the club and the pit. There is a balance of bounce and beatdown that positions Slay Squad at the head of heavy music's new school.

Reiterating that versatility, the band's latest single in "Seishin" not only boasts the band's band of sonic horsepower, but showcases the undeniable sum of Slay Squad's powerful parts. From the dual vocal delivery of Brahim Gousse and Keilo Kei, to the fretwork of Gordo and Stick, to the crushing cadence of drummer Timmy and the digital accents of DJ Cheeze - the finished product is a relentless assault that translates as a dynamic as it does drubbing.

The band further explains the significance of their latest single. "Seishin is the Japanese word for Sprit. This song is an expression of empowerment, of trust of self vs external influence, of how we, as melanated people, gotta know what's really inside of us and trust the perfection that exists within. An expression of our Spirit. We are designed perfectly in our own image, why the fuck would we want to be like anyone else?

One's environment sculpts one and can indirectly cause you to carry yourself a certain way if you've been subject to rough situations. We won't fall for these evils and influences we're subjected to. The music video shows us comfortably playing through the fires of the 'evils' we're subjected to. Maintaining our trust of self. Maintaining our Spirit."

It's that connection with the spirit of individualism that further fuels the band's creative pace. In addition to the band's meld on the track, each of the six comes to the table with a speciality that makes Slay Squad a true representation of a collective.

Gordo, the band's guitarist, is also a talented photographer. Tim, the band's drummer is immersed in the culture of heavy music and adds that dynamic to the Squad. Brahim, one half of the band's vocal attack, also remains adamantly hands on with the visual side of Slay - taking on the responsibility of shooting, directing and editing the visual for "Seishin".

It's these components that set Slay Squad on a unique trajectory. Equipped with the ability to conceptualize and execute their unique vision, the band is doesn't need to rely on someone else to help translate. Fusing hip hop and the heavy is nothing new - but few can show out with the level of strength and authenticity Slay Squad does.

Stay tuned as the next 12 months should offer plenty more from Slay Squad. Check the Knotfest premiere of "Seishin" below.
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