Sunfall captures the soundtrack of vengeance on their latest, "Seducer"

Sunfall captures the soundtrack of vengeance on their latest, "Seducer"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The UK prospects showcase a multi-genre assault to craft a fresh brand of nu-core beatdown.

First emerging on the highly-competitive, heavily saturated radar of UK's metalcore scene back in 2019, the Guildford quartet of Sunfall delivered a promising introduction with their 'Serenity' EP.

The collision of styles and influences manifested in a collection of tracks that presented a much more dynamic, volitile entry into the category. While the band showcased all of the requisite underpinnings of metalcore's big production and polished instrumentation, the songs were caustic and cathartic in a way that positioned Sunfall head and shoulders above their contemporaries.

While the last two years have done their very best to stifle the creative pace of most all musicians, Sunfall took the forced time of sequester to again find solace in the studio. Resurfacing in a big way for 2021, the band has delivered three singles that reinforce their brand of nu-core beatdown. A reintroduction of sorts, "Harakiri" again put Sunfall back on the heavy music map earlier this year and defied most conventional categorization.

Capitalizing on the steamroll of "Harakiri," the band dropped "Quiet Kid" and asserted a kind of audio drubbing that elevated Sunfall into a space all their own. These songs were as effective in hardcore circles as much as they were in metalcore crescendos. There was range and diversity packaged with precision and hostility.

Just a month ago, Sunfall unleashed yet another assault with the outright apocalyptic "Industrial". Leaning more on the band's straight away metal sensibilities, the crushing track was a relentless show of force that functioned more like a war cry than metal track.

Maintaining their undeniable onslaught, Sunfall have again doubled down on their brand of sonic horse power with the track, "Seducer". Wielding a heavy sword, the latest single delivers a sledgehammer-like impact with instances of stylistic aggression that pack an absolute wallop. What makes the track especially effective is the kind of authenticity paired with such aggression.

The band's guitarist Oli Welzen-James details the emotional conviction of the track, “Following the rage felt when one hears about the abuse an innocent person is subjected to at the hands of their abuser, "Seducer," with its undeniably heavy tone, documents the wishes of vengeance to be taken against the person to cause such pain and violence to their close ones.

Welzen-James continues, "This track was written towards the end of the production period of our EP “Serenity”. It captures our original sound as a band however this song leans into heavier influences that shares the same space as our tracks “Quiet Kid” and “Industrial”. Carrying the theme of this song based around an abusive relationship, the artwork is composited of a load of burnt love letters and pictures found in a forest whilst on a hike.”

The latest single, "Seducer" arrives November 5th from Sunfall. Pre-save the cut - HERE. In the meantime, get a preview the track exclusively below.
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