Swedish melodic metal outfit Demotional premiere animated visual for "Boiling Point"

Swedish melodic metal outfit Demotional premiere animated visual for "Boiling Point"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The final single ahead of the release of their fourth LP proves to be one of the band's most diverse offering big hooks and sonic heft.

Hailing from a region that remains synonymous with a sound that is both heavy and melodic, the Swedish signature is steeped in the creative DNA of dEMOTIONAL.

Since their 2009 formation and their introductory release in 2013, the band had developed a dynamic show of range, well beyond just their regional identity. Fluidly transitioning between nuanced sub styles of metal, the band's ability as songwriters is accented with their skilled show of groove-heavy aggression that strikes swift and proves forceful.

The band presents a comprehensive snapshot of their stylistic versatility on their latest single, "Boiling Point". Complete with massive vocal hooks, accented with driving guitars and powerful percussion that all lead into a colossal crescendo, dEMOTIONAL deliver a finished product that is cleverly layered and daringly dynamic.

The track serves as the band's final single release prior to the unveiling of their fourth studio full length LP set to debut this spring. The 14-track effort will be the band's first full length release since their 2017 drop, Discovery.

To mark the release of their upcoming album, the band is sourcing the participation of fans for an ambitious worldwide collaboration. dEMOTIONAL is sourcing fan-submitted videos of epic head banging and (send the clip to info@demotional.net) to include in their next music video that will be coupled with the release of the band's new LP.

In the meantime, watch the KNOTFEST premiere of "Boiling Point" from dEMOTIONAL below.





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