Synsy taps into trap metal intensity with "Can't Stop Won't Stop"

Synsy taps into trap metal intensity with "Can't Stop Won't Stop"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging UK genre-bender delivers hefty nu-metal with bounce on the latest preview from his 'Beyond Human' EP.

For London-bred Synsy, limiting his brand of stylized volatility to any particular genre or M.O. is just not in the cards. Quickly establishing his position in the landscape of the UK's ever-evolving space of alternative culture and outsider art, the lyricist with a penchant for the heavy has crafted a potent meld of metallic rumble that bridges trap and metal without the cheese.

In 2022 alone, the provocateur has releases a steady succession of singles in "Deadshot", "No Remorse" and "Shapeshift", all of which flex the disruptor's dexterity - oscillating from a fluid lyrical delivery to a menacing growl designed to incite pure mayhem in it's almost violent level of volume. Simply put, Synsy's brand is built on intensity and in that pursuit, sticking to any one category only becomes counterproductive.

For his latest release, the trap metal outlier has again teamed with producer Jon Cass to showcase yet another molotov from his Beyond Human EP with the nu-metal tinged "Can't Stop Won't Stop". Again asserting his ability to transition from bravado laced bars to a venomous scream, the track leans more on Synsy's metal sensibilities in a way that still knocks in your speakers.

Speaking to the significance of the single, Synsy explains how the cut is latent with a bold message of empowerment that correlates both on a personal and professional level. “'Can't Stop Won't Stop' continues the evolution of the story behind this project. The track itself focuses on being pushed to the breaking point, when you’re sick of being walked over, getting past that feeling and realizing nobody can stand in your way but yourself”.

Watch Knotfest premiere of the Cxrter Saint-helmed visual for "Can't Stop Won't Stop" from Synsy below. Beyond Human is set to land October 14th.

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