Tech death practitioners Cognitive source Lovecraftian horror on their latest bruiser "From The Depths"

Tech death practitioners Cognitive source Lovecraftian horror on their latest bruiser "From The Depths"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The final visual ahead of the band's Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction release features the painstaking claymation talents of Jack Greenman.

For the iast decade, New Jersey-based tech death terrorizers Cognitive have continued to refine their brand of fundamentally precise pummel. The band's forthcoming full length effort, their fourth, Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction, presents the quartet in full creative stride, bolstered by a compilation of 10-tracks that underscore the horde's creative ambition and relentless audio assault.

Following the album's introduction with the release of crushing singles including "Eniac" and "To Feed The Worms," the collective has unveiled it's final sample ahead of the album's July 16th arrival with the blisteringly brutal iteration of H.P. Lovecraftian horror with the cut, "From The Depths." Combining the band's almost surgical instrumental execution with classic source material from one of the genre's most influential authors, the resulting track is definitive examples the progression of death metal - a modern take on the troupes of the genre that embraces various style accents and an articulate lyrical narrative.

The band's guitarist Rob Wharton detailed the inspiration behind the literary approach to death heavy drubbing. "From the Depths is our final single and music video for the album. Musically it was inspired a lot by Soreption and Decapitated, but also has a very Candiria inspired break in the middle. It was a fun song to write and play and I love the way it all came together.

When the lyrics came together, Shane ended up writing about "The Shadow Over Innsmouth", which was a short story by H.P Lovecraft. Jack Greenman stepped up and said he could handle making the claymation video come to life, it’s so cool looking and we think it’s fun. I think the video took him about a month and a half to make, it’s such a tedious task to do claymation! We hope you enjoy it!!"

In what has become a familiar storyline, Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction, resulted from the era of the pandemic which forced Cognitive to pivot and adjust to making an album while working remotely. Prior to lockdown, the band had also of three of the album's songs complete, with all of 2 rehearsals together to nail down the details. As the world retreated to their safest spaces, the band found themselves sequestered yet motivated, fueled by the creative momentum of the writing process that had already resulted in an auspicious start.

The maniacal meld of guitarists Harry Lannon and Rob Wharton, combined with the rhythm section of bassist Tyler Capone-Vitale and drummer AJ Viana, establish the kind of instrumental ferocity that allow vocalist Shane Jost to convincingly empty his guts on the track. Between the polished production, dynamic songwriting and the imaginative source material, the latest album from Cognitive is a prime example of how the isolation and disconnect of 2020 has resulted in a deluge of quality craftsmanship from artists that figure out how to use their time productively.

Malevolent Thoughts of a Hastened Extinction from Cognitive arrives on July 16t via Unique Leader Records. The album is available for pre-order - HERE. Watch the premiere of "From the Depths" below.
01. Eniac
02. The Maw
03. Arterial Red
04. From the Depths
05. Oroborous
06. To Feed the Worms
07. Malevolent Thoughts
08. Tearing Tendon From Bone
09. Destitute
10. Of a Hastened Extinction
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