The Dead Rabbitts craft a musical escape with the premiere of "Raisehell.exe"

The Dead Rabbitts craft a musical escape with the premiere of "Raisehell.exe"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Craig Mabbitt, frontman from Escape the Fate, finds redemption, release, and an artistic retreat in his latest full length, Rumination.

As the frontman of Escape The Fate, Craig Mabbitt continues to traverse his own stylistic individuality diversifying his catalog with the addition of his solo endeavor, The Dead Rabbitts.

Working closely with his EtF compatriot Erik Jensen, the tandem, along with the remaining Rabbitts sought out to craft a collection of 14-tracks on their own terms, free of expectation and pretense. The result the band's most complete recorded effort to date with, Rumination. The compilation of tracks serves as an emphatic statement of creative synergy and artistic self-discovery, a process free of " too many cooks in the kitchen" and one that proved formative for for the frontman.

“I have learned a lot through the writing process of this album,” Mabbitt confides. “I discovered sobriety. I have forgiven all the wrong done to me, and most importantly, I have forgiven myself.”

Among the energized compositions rooted in catharsis, the album's title track along with anthems like “Acceptance” and the most recent “Raisehell.exe” showcase a unit operating at their optimum, with the kind of creative clarity that results in tunes steeped in sincerity and fresh with fluidity.

Speaking specifically about the most recent showcase from the album, Mabbitt better details how "Raisehell.exe" is important in establishing the call to action of the record. “‘Raisehell.exe’ on the surface is just an intro song, a ‘get the crowd hyped’ for the show type track. But lyrically, I touch on exactly what I hope fans can take from this album: a musical escape.”

Mabbitt elaborates on the thematic weight and the empowering message anchoring the track, “The lines ‘if we make it out alive into nothing, what a waste of suffering,’ touches on feeling like everything you went through might have been for nothing. But let's just continue to hold our heads up high and give ‘em hell, because this life is full of things worth living for.”

Rumination from The Dead Rabbitts is now available for order - HERE. Stream the premiere of "Raisehell.exe" below.

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