The Knotfest Concert Series presents: To Kill Achilles Live at Church

The Knotfest Concert Series presents: To Kill Achilles Live at Church

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Scottish metalcore progressive showcase their powerful brand of catharsis in a special performance of select tracks from 'Something To Remember Me By'

Scotland modern metalcore unit To Kill Achilles emerged from the stagnant pace of 2020 with a compelling concept effort that aimed to distance themselves from the pack with ‘Something To Remember Me By’.

The band’s sophomore full length on Arising Empire, channeled personal anguish into an imaginative narrative of an unnamed 25 year old that functions as the story’s central character. Bookended on his 25th birthday and exploring his final 12 months in song before the culmination in his tragic demise, the album’s emotional heft is underscored by the band’s musical prowess.

Tracks like “When You Live With Ghosts, You Don't See The Dead,”"Oh God, I've Never Felt This Low," and “Luna Et Altum” convey a degree of catharsis that would be difficult, if not impossible to engineer without a element of sincerity and personal connection to the project.

The artistry at the core of To Kill Achilles is evident in the ambitious scope of ‘Something To Remember Me By’ but the level of authenticity that exudes from the album’s 14 tracks is what allows the band to rise above their contemporaries and emerge as one of the more promising prospects in the space.

In celebration of their sophomore release, the band filmed their powerful live translation of select songs from the album in a special performance that will air via Knotfest’s Twitch platform on August 27th. The broadcast is set to begin at 2:30pm PT/ 5:30pm ET.

Just prior to the broadcast of To Kill AchillesLive from Church, the band will be sitting in for a candid discussion about the album, what is on the horizon for To Kill Achilles, and how this exclusive performance all came together.

The festivities begin via Knotfest’s Twitch Channel at 1pm PT / 4:00pm ET.

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