The Lungs Blur The Lines of Heavy Music with 'Entity'

The Lungs Blur The Lines of Heavy Music with 'Entity'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Punk, Post-Hardcore hybrid aim to agitate.

Challenging the conventions of punk, Southern California's The Lungs have spent the last three years refining their brand of pissed-off prose. The power trio of Trevor Howard, Dylan Howard, and Billy Goldstein swing a heavy post-hardcore club with true punk intention. The collective disposition of the band results in a soundtrack that offers some substance in their angst. The Lungs sound pissed-off, with purpose.

On the heels of their latest release, "Entity" the band finds themselves in the midst of the ongoing pandemic with a very clear objective - isolate and create. Confrontational, cathartic, and calculated, The Lungs are a shining example the evolving meld of aggressive music of all types. The band's Dylan Howard offered some insight.

There is an old cliche about tumultuous times resulting in great art. Is the current climate of the world giving you lots of fuel?

Howard - Definitely, it makes you want to scream even louder and harder. The tides are changing right now and it couldn’t be more inspiring.

How crucial is it to be have the ability to make pissed off music right now?

Howard - It’s what makes our collective heart beat. We’ve always felt that music that doesn’t have a deep passion and message behind it is worthless, especially now more so than ever.

Do you feel like artists have a responsibly to use their platform during times like these?

Howard - Absolutely. The more unified we all become the more real change will happen.

Lungs would pair well with a variety of genres - do you feel like genre or categories are becoming less and less important in heavier music?

Howard - The world of heavy music is incredibly diverse. There’s a common thread that runs through all of it. To a degree our goal is to be a part of that thread.

What are some of the bands you feel are setting the bar and why?

Howard - Right now the bar is so many different things. For instance take the newest Daughters record. It’s so droney, dark and dissonant and it was massive for them! People really felt the brutal honesty that runs deep through that whole album.

Aside from recording, how are The Lungs working to stay connected with fans and increase your reach?

Howard - One of the key components in gaining new fans and getting people to notice you is by being able to offer something that no one else has. By that I mean a curated vision, sound and vibe that is truly unique to who we are as human beings. Whether that be making our own music videos, or doing special releases like the clear vinyl flexi-disc we had made for this single, or by doing small fundraisers to help donate to social issues. People connect with raw passion and heart, and that’s what we’re all about.

Watch the video for "Entity" from The Lungs and pick up the Flexi-Disc here.

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