The Sound That Ends Creation delivers a potent message with a powerful cacophony in 'I Hate ICE, I Don't Even Put It In My Water'

The Sound That Ends Creation delivers a potent message with a powerful cacophony in 'I Hate ICE, I Don't Even Put It In My Water'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The one-man mathcore, jazzgrind collision from mastermind Chris Dearing, takes aim at America's welcoming policy with a chaotic composition.

In the six years since it's inception, the one-man avant garde amalgam of mathcore and jazzgrind in The Sound That Ends Creation has maintained an incredibly prolific pace. Orchestrated entirely by mastermind Chris Dearing, the project has released five albums in five years with We Are The Burden in 2016, Fitting Through The Crawlspace Between Rhyme And Reason in 2017, Roses, Thorns, And Dead Unicorns in 2018, Music Designed To Give You Ideas... Incase You Should Run Out Of Ideas in 2019, and Memes, Dreams, And Flying Machines in 2020.

The Sound That Ends Creation also released a split EP with Russian mathcore outfit Focusrights in earlier this summer with, Intercontinental Split. What is even more impressive than the pace at which Dearing works, is the level of proficiency to match. Incorporating brass and pianos into chaotic compositions of off-time percussion and frentic stringwork, Dearing's layered arrangements translate as sonic bedlam - a stunning show of musical force that assert both muscle and technicality on the highest level.

Combining elements of Jazz, Metal, and classical that bridge the subcategories of Mathcore and Jazzgrind, Dearing's latest endeavor is Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers. Recorded, mixed and mastered entirely by Chris Dearing, the 11-track compilation is truly a sonic assault, a barrage of extremity that delivers the kind of intensity that would suggest an unfocused dissonance, but rather, showcases a unique element of precision that makes the collection of songs function like a targeted blitz.

Matching the intensity of the instrumentation, Dearing's lyrical content is equally dynamic - offering scathing social commentary rife with the kind of biting humor that evokes a chuckle and tear simultaneously. Such is the case with his latest show of force, "I Hate ICE, I Don't Even Put It My Water".

Dearing explains the power begin the pun, "This song is about all of the people that are just looking for a better life, then are harassed and ultimately turned away by the wealthiest nation in the world.”

Developing a stylistic signature that challenges the concepts of extreme music, Dearing's approach to crafting such caustic compositions, is matched with a keen sense of awareness of his environment - tackling especially dark themes and brutal realities lyrically, with the same multi-faceted approach as the musical arrangements. Punctuating that dynamic on the latest showing, Dearing pens,

This song wasn't funny / situation is grave / Land of the free / home of the brave.

Bridging jazz, classical, and grind with astute social analysis and a biting sense of humor that find a way to turn jabs into haymakers - Chris Dearing is truly changing the game with The Sound That Ends Creation - and he is doing it all himself.

Stream the premiere of "I Hate ICE, I Don't Even Put It In My Water" featuring Carson Pace of Callous Daoboys below. Boomers, Zoomers, Desperate Coomers arrives November 5th. Preorder the album - HERE

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