To The Grave offer an unnerving look at animal cruelty with their latest 'Kill Shelter'

To The Grave offer an unnerving look at animal cruelty with their latest 'Kill Shelter'

- By Ramon Gonzales

The Aussie deathcore unit pull back the curtain with a harsh look at the brutal treatment of animals with their latest music video.

Just ahead of the release of their Unique Leader Records album in Epilogue set to arrive April 16th, Australian deathcore horde To The Grave have debuted a new music video that takes an explicit, confrontational look at the prevalence of animal cruelty with "Kill Shelter".

The single is the latest offering from the band's 19-track collection that fuses their 2019 self-released debut in 'Global Warning' with seven new tracks to comprise the track listing for their Unique Leader Records introduction.

The band detailed their headspace in anticipation of the record's release. "Epilogue has arrived: Chapter 1 starts here. 19 songs spanning the past 2 years of To The Grave, a rollercoaster through honest frustration, desperation and finally hopelessness. Our leap into a void of closure.

Our aim with this record was to look back on 'Global Warning' and what it did for us. To celebrate with friends and fans that helped us move mountains and to reach new audiences with a full, definitive collection that demonstrates what that album would look like in an extended format. Some of these new songs were dusted skeletons from years prior brought to life in 2020, others were written in the moment, ignited by both the things we'd lost and the things we'd gained in recent times."

Previously sharing the track, "Terrorist Threat," To The Grave's adversarial message again underscored their passion about animal rights and their support for those that advocate on their behalf. A call to action against those that oppose activism, particularly in Australia where the band asserts that whistleblowers are being labeled as "domestic terrorists", the band's aggression is powerful and pointed.

Reiterating that same zeal, "Kill Shelter" offers an explicit look at the often cruel conditions animals are kept in and the difficult-to-watch, impossible-to-forget brutality they are treated with. The stylized footage serves as a grim reminder of just why bands like To The Grave remain so steadfast in their opposition to such practices.

Watch the premiere of To The Grave's "Kill Shelter" below. 'Epilogue' from To The Grave arrives via Unique Leader Records on April 16th and is available - HERE
Epilogue Tracklisting
1 Holocaustralia : Global Warning
2 Ecocide
3 Pest Control
4 Hell Hole
5 Slaughter Forever
6 Gristle Blower
7 The Devil in Sheepskin
8 Wastage
9 Skin Like Pigs
10 Lips & Assholes
11 Seven Billion Reasons Why
12 Hear Evil, See Evil (The Haunting of 2624 Dog Trap Rd)
13 Miserable Summer
15 Terrorist Threat
16 Kill Shelter
17 Deat By A Thousand Cuts
18 Recoil in Horror (活き締め)
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