Underground pillars Bloodclot deliver brazen metallic hardcore on "War Castles"

Underground pillars Bloodclot deliver brazen metallic hardcore on "War Castles"

- By Ramon Gonzales

Led by former Cro-Mags vocalist John Joseph, the veteran collective hurls a molotov at war propagandists and the mainstream media.

Few bands can make claim to the kind of lineage NYHC collective Bloodclot can. Tracing their inception back to the early 80's, the unit was in fact, an assembly of roadies that pulled double duty working for the legendary Bad Brains.

Existing only as a live entity for decades, it wasn't until 2008, under the leadership of hardcore pillar John Joseph formerly of Cro-Mags, that Bloodclot preserved their brand of punishment on record. The band's debut Burn Babylon Burn! was a 10-track firebomb that functioned as a masterclass of metallic hardcore, properly seasoned with a New York slant. The studio introduction was a caustic, confrontational document that further added to the lore linked with the underground legends.

For nearly a decade after the release, Bloodclot lie in wait, finding the right time to surface again with an effective strike. For the band's sophomore release, Joseph would recruit a crew of OGs including stalwart Joey Castillo, desert rock fixture Nick Oliveri, and the late Todd Youth (Danzig, Warzone, Murphy’s Law) to helm the band's Up In Arms LP. The album's definitive aggression and biting commentary, coupled with its requisite intensity immortalized Bloodclot among the greats of hardcore crossover.

Following the well-established pattern as an infrequent phenomenon, Bloodclot have returned Joseph corralling yet another team of scene veteran cohorts to craft the band's third, and arguably most potent effort to date, Souls. Enlisting guitarist Tom Capone (ex-Quicksand, Beyond, Bold), bassist Craig Setari (Sick Of It All, ex-Youth Of Today, Agnostic Front), and drummer Darren Morgenthaler (Maximum Penalty, ex-Madball), Souls proudly asserts the collective's NYHC pedigree, combined with the tenacity of early thrash.

Previewing the pummel packaged on Souls, "War Castles" showcases the band at their most hostile. Rife with scathing social commentary, the relentless pace of the track sees Bloodclot double down on the intensity that has made them such an enduring outfit.

John Joseph provides the context for the kind of venom delivered on the track and how there is a very real sense of urgency that fuels the band's message. "The song is a metaphor. There have been countless wars for profit over the decades - all carefully orchestrated and planned by the 'so-called' elite. The men with crooked minds who hide behind the curtain. The media are their knights in shining armor doing their dirty work. And we are treated as serfs. It's also about the other war going on. Their war for the minds of the masses, for total control, in particular, of the youth. Poisoning them with so much garbage - and the indoctrination begins early on. As the lyrics state, ‘Mainstream manipulation slaughters the youth, twisting reality away from the truth. Rolling over souls just for their goals, maniacs man the technology controls.’ They control the machines. They control the narratives. They do not care who is affected, injured or killed, because they don't value human life. Now we see global tensions rising. There is even talk of nuclear weapons being used. NYC is running tv spots on how to survive a nuclear event. You don't survive; you fucking die."

Souls is due out on various formats December 16th via Upstate Records. Working with producer Laz Pina of Ill Niño, the compilation of tracks executed with such expertise underscores the endurance of collective with a knack for making timely, tough as fuck records. Dedicating the project to their longtime friend and bandmate, Todd Youth, the band's third full length is a testament to not only the band's legacy, but the contributors that have left a lasting impression.

Pre-order the limited edition Black And White Splatter 12” vinyl or CD via Bandcamp - HERE.

Pre-save the digital version of Souls from Bloodclot - HERE

Stream the Knotfest premiere of "War Castles' from Bloodclot below. The track is dedicated to

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