Veilcaste Drop Cosmos-Crushing New Single "Relapse In Reason"

Veilcaste Drop Cosmos-Crushing New Single "Relapse In Reason"

- By Corinne Westbrook

The single arrives just weeks before the release of the band's promising full length, Precipice.

Crushing doom-sludge upstarts Veilcaste are only two short weeks from the release of their new album, Precipice, out on February 10th via Wise Blood Records. Today, the band has revealed a new single "Relapse In Reason", a destructive affair capable of ripping a hole in the cosmos.

Dustin Mendel comments: "'Relapse in Reason' is about the knowledge that charlatans try to wield to sucker you into converting or parting with your cash. Especially when the access to those tools are already inside you. I don't need someone else telling me my future; it's not that hard for me to figure out or control myself."

Precipice was recorded and mixed with Carl Byers (Kvlthammer, ex-Coffinworm) and mastered by Collin Jordan (The Lion's Daughter, among others). The cover artwork was created by Luca Martinotti (Dragonhammer, among others). The album itself has more gravity than a black hole, and will pull you in with the emotive sludge riffage, gnarly doom rhythms, and gloomy atmospheres. Pre-orders are available HERE.

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