Your Spirit Dies confront hypocrisy with heavy-handed metallic hardcore on "Sacrosanct"

Your Spirit Dies confront hypocrisy with heavy-handed metallic hardcore on "Sacrosanct"

- By Ramon Gonzales

The emerging hardcore outfit deliver a powerful performance visual from their recent EP, 'Our Saints Drown In Ash'.

Back in 2020, South Carolina hardcore unit Your Spirit Dies submitted a blistering debut EP in The Process of Grief - an entry that managed to land the band on the collective radar of heavy music for in its skilled rehashing of 2000's heyday heft.

Enduring one of the strangest times in recorded history, the band managed to tap into the divisiveness and tension of the pandemic era to craft an ambitious assertion of the genre - one that underscores their growth as songwriters and students of the game.

Our Saints Drown In Ash arrived back on December 2 via Acrobat Unstable/The Coming Strife. Recruiting Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, END) to helm the production, Your Spirit Dies achieved a new level of artistry, one that bridges emotional intensity with instrumental precision on the 5-track presentation.

Our Saints Drown In Ash // Your Spirit Dies

Thematically, the project explored the personal anguish, the societal strife and the darkest parts of humanity that became all too prevalent during the last two years. Following the EP introduction of "2000 Needles" - a track borrowed creative cues from Dante's Inferno to detail the dark spiral of inescapable depression, "Sacrosanct" offers a broader examination of the hypocrisy that fans the flames of society's pandemic-era dumpster fire.

The band explained the origins of the track. "Sacrosanct was written during the height of the pandemic. It was during a time where we saw a lot of people supposedly of faith taking stances that didn’t actually align with what should have been their actual beliefs, like having actual compassion. Placing certain politicians on pedestals and deeming them as “saints” when in actuality they had worked to embed most everything negative in this world. That’s just a portion of what the entire record touches on, but that’s the general theme."

Paired with the single, Your Spirit Dies has revealed a stylized black and white performance visual - one that allows the band's live intensity to serve as the focus. "The music video was an uncut session with our friend Carlisle Jones at Lawnchairyouth Studios in Birmingham, Alabama. He reached out and we loved the concept, so we shot with him on our last South Eastern tour."

Our Saints Drown In Ash from Your Spirit Dies is currently available - HERE.

Steam the Knotfest premiere of "Sacrosanct" from Your Spirit Dies below.

Your Spirit Dies are set to hit the road in support of their recent EP, trekking with PAIN next month. Check the list of dates below.

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