Brand of Sacrifice establish their rank in the world of streetwear with Shibori Threads

Brand of Sacrifice establish their rank in the world of streetwear with Shibori Threads

- By Ramon Gonzales

The October drop features a massive collaboration collection with Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Crown The Empire, Fit For A King and Erra.

Showcasing their unique artistry, versatility and undeniable wok ethic, Kyle Anderson (vocals) and Leo Valeri (guitar) of deathcore sensation Brand of Sacrifice have had a breakout year with the 2021 release of their colossal LP, Lifeblood.

In addition to the strides the duo have made in music, they have also established their footing in the highly-competitive universe of streetwear.

In remaining consistent for their shared respect and admiration of the Japanese culture, (Brand fo Sacrifice assrts a heavy emphasis on manga-themes and imagery), Shibori Threads takes it's name from a Japanese method of tie dying garments. In much the same way Anderson and Valeri refuse to compromise with their music, Shibori maintains the same standard of quality with regards to fashion. Each Shibori piece is custom cut and sewn resulting in boutique quality streetwear designed with fans of heavy music in mind.

No two pieces are the same.

Melding the world of streetwear and heavy music merch, Shibori has already released joint projects with Dance Gavin Dance, The Deathcore Collection feat. Whitechapel, Chelsea Grin, Thy Art Is Murder, Veil of Maya, Carnifex and Despised icon. Shibori's original Slaughter to Sacrifice drop, featured mash up of Brand Of Sacrifice and Slaughter To Prevail.

The response to the brand as been nothing short of rabid, as the collaborative launches have all sold out instantly, many well before the limited window of availability closes and some within 24 hours of announce. In terms of numbers, Shibori is featured in the top 1% trafficked stores on Shopify, tallying an impressive 20,000 monthly visitors.

Leo Valeri explained how Shibori resulted from a void in the market when it came to heavy music focused merch and continues to grow because of the passion at the root of the project.

"Coming up in the metal scene, we noticed something missing when it came to creative and colorful band merchandise. Most rock artists just print on black shirts... which is kind of boring, considering the extremely lively and exciting music they often make.

Kyle and I have been active in the music industry and very tuned into streetwear and alternative fashion for a long time now, so we set out to create a brand that bridges the barrier between the edgy imagery you find in metal, and the robust palettes and high quality of today's streetwear trends.

When it all began, Shibori Threads was just a passion project run out of our apartments. We were literally printing labels and shipping everything on our own, by hand. We considered it a great way to work with and support some of our favorite artists during the pandemic while making apparel we would actually wear.

Less than a year later, it's completely blown up to the point where it's a household brand in the metal and rock world. We're now working on crossovers with artists and brands we wouldn't have even thought possible to collaborate with a year ago. It's the coolest thing in the world to see someone wearing one of our hoodies at a show, and the first question you hear them get asked is: `Is that a Shibori hoodie?'"

The latest drop from Shibori is the brand's most comprehensive yet. The collaborative drop features designs emblazoned with band logos from Killswitch Engage, August Burns Red, Fit for A King, Erra, and Crown The Empire.

The collection will only feature 500 pieces per design and as with all Shibori releases, will only be available for a 1 week period starting Friday, October 29th, 2021.

To get your hands on the latest October drop from Shibori, visit the online store - HERE

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