Turnstile Team with Converse For Limited Edition Sneaker Release

Turnstile Team with Converse For Limited Edition Sneaker Release

- By Ramon Gonzales

See the trailer for the collaboration directed by the band's own Brendan Yates and Pat McCrory. 

Last year, breakout hardcore phenomenon Turnstile continued their unprecedented streak of success, becoming a integral part of the Converse, #CreateNext campaign. Showcasing the band's performative energy and music from their 2021 instant classic, Glow On, the brand aligned with one of music's most exciting contributors for the forward thinking campaign. 

Now, the two entities have further solidified their partnership with the news of a limited edition sneaker collaboration drop set to launch January 26th. Converse has teamed with Turnstile to create custom designs of two of their most timeless silhouettes - the One Star Pro OX and the Chuck 70 Hi.

Sourcing colorways and Turnstile specific accents, the One Star Pro features the signature pink and white color palette that become synonymous with the Glow On era. The Chuck 70 Hi is all black with a hint of pink - derived from the band's smash hit single, "Blackout". 

Paired with the news of the official collaboration, Turnstile's Brendan Yates and Pat McCrory have directed nan imaginative trailer that frames the five working together to inflate their massive pink Plushie. The clip is a smart, stylish glimpse of how art, fashion and music can come together in an especially tasteful way. 

Check the images of the collaboration sneakers as well as the trailer below. 

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