Streetwear authority NEIGHBORHOOD releases tribute to Lemmy and Motörhead - Knotfest

Streetwear authority NEIGHBORHOOD releases tribute to Lemmy and Motörhead

Posted by Ramon Gonzales in Style on December 29, 2020

The capsule includes prints of the band’s 1982 ‘Iron Fist in Americaaaagh’ tour merch and the band’s signature tusked-skulled as a ceramic incense burner.

Streetwear authority NEIGHBORHOOD have announced their tribute to Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead. The limited capsule features t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies brandishing the unmistakable Motörhead imagery.

Emphasizing an added degree of authenticity that makes Neighborhood such a respected name in the streetwear universe, the brand uses iconic verbiage synonymous with the band, including the slogan borrowed from Motörhead’s live album, “Everything Louder than Everyone Else.”

There are also featured items that relive the band’s 1982 tour merch with the “Iron Fist in Americaaaagh” tees that offer a true tip of the hat to the band and their most diehard fans.

Arguably the coolest item of the collection is the NEIGHBORHOOD X Motörhead incense chamber that comes in two different colors. The signature Motörhead tusked-skull comes as a ceramic sculpture that would function as the centerpiece of any Motorhead collection.

The NEIGHBORHOOD x Motörhead collaboration drops January 2nd, 2021 on the brand’s website.

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