Bandcamp Roulette: An Avant-Garde Adventure With Eight Bells' Legacy of Ruin

Bandcamp Roulette: An Avant-Garde Adventure With Eight Bells' Legacy of Ruin

- By Corinne Westbrook

Our own Cori Westbrook explores the PNW's blend of doom, post-black metal, psychedelic and folk.

Bandcamp Roulette is a feature where, every week, we will buy a randomly chosen album from an underground band and tell you all about it! Follow us on Instagram to help us choose next week's album!

Portland, Oregon is quickly becoming a hotbed of avant-garde, boundary breaking acts. Eight Bells is a potent blend of doom, post-black metal, psychedelic and folk that defies any true genre, because to label them as any one thing would simply be reductive. Their latest album, Legacy of Ruin is a purely artistic exploration of music and something in which to get completely lost.

While the album is cohesive and very well paced, each of the songs is distinctive and the interplay of the genres intriguing. “Torpid Dreamer” carries a 70s prog vibe to it while “Destroyer” is a prime example of emotionally tortured blackened doom metal. “The Crone” has solid 60s vibes, but much darker and “Nadir” brings with it heaviness and strong energy.

If forced to sum up this album in one word, it would be “adventurous”. The amount of variety that is effortlessly explored by the trio of artists that make up Eight Bells is nothing short of impressive. The pain and negative emotions channeled throughout the album are cathartic and beautiful. Legacy of Ruin is one of those albums that deserves more than casual listening and is something one should fully immerse themselves in. Pick up your copy HERE.

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