Bandcamp Roulette: Mesmerizing Cosmic Black Metal From Mesarthim

Bandcamp Roulette: Mesmerizing Cosmic Black Metal From Mesarthim

- By Corinne Westbrook

The Australian duo balance artistry and extremity on their seventh full length, 'Arrival'.

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As the world contracts, metal seems to be taking things beyond our planet. More cosmic styles are permeating metal, and Arrival from Mesarthim is no exception. The Australian duo has been kicking around the galaxy for for the past decade, and Arrival marks their seventh full-length album. So, for those just discovering the band here, there is plenty to dig into when you finish this opus.

Each track, while part of the greater whole, feels like a world to explore in itself. "Arrival Pt. 1" begins the extraterrestrial journey with ethereal synths, a swirling cascade through the clouds before crashing into the dark of "Arrival Pt. 2" that erupts in a cacophony of shrieks and blistering guitar. The keyboards and underlying melodies remain mesmerizing, but the edge sharpens.

"Arrival Pt. 3" hones that edge even further, taking things into darker territory in a crash of shrieks. The synths take on a sharpness as you careen through the album. "Arrival Pt. 4" is an instrumental interlude and a nice reprieve. "Arrival Pt. 5" is a whirlwind of melodic power, synth flurries and destructive vocals. The juxtaposition of the empowering melodies and the visceral vocals get your blood pumping as you push forward.

"Arrival Pt. 6" is an expansive 10:02 long track and one of the darkest on the album. Mysterious and surging, "Arrival Pt. 6" creates a sense of urgency despite the tracks length.

Album closer "Type IV" is a departure from the rest of the album. It serves at the sister track to "Type III" off of the bands 2016 EP of the same name. Theatrical, regal, and sweeping the track creates a world all its own. It is a maelstrom of destruction and serenity as each note crashes around you for a massive 17 minutes.

An exploration on cosmic black metal, the duo behind Mesarthim are the epitome of mesmerizing. This is one of the most unique takes on post-metal that has been released to date. This is an album to get lost in, one to take you on an adventure that is as terrifying as it is exhilarating. Get your copy HERE.

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