Bandcamp Roulette: The Otolith Will Crush Your Soul With Doom On 'Folium Limina'

Bandcamp Roulette: The Otolith Will Crush Your Soul With Doom On 'Folium Limina'

- By Corinne Westbrook

The spinoff of Salt Lake City's symphonic doom outfit, SubRosa, delivers a full length that toes the line between menacing and melancholy.

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Weighty and atmospheric, Folium Limina from The Otolith is a shining doom metal star; a highly unique approach to a genre that too often relies on formula vs. imagination. Made up of 4 members of doom purveyors SubRosa, The Otolith’s Folium Limina is far more than a reincarnation of the previous work, but a swirling and flowing masterpiece in it’s own right.

From the first bell chimes of “Sing No Coda” you know you’re in for something special. The track builds with unique tones and classical violin-led melancholy and the churning riffage will immediately scratch the itch of anyone missing SubRosa. The nods toward folk music and ambient atmosphere, with the gothic and ghostly vocals craft something will haunt you. The huge riffs and eruptive wall of sound, juxtaposed with the delicate melodies draw you in as you traverse the odyssey of this album.

“Andromeda’s Wing” brings a level of violence unexpected from the first track. Going beyond haunted to tortured, the mournful melodies with the agonized vocals evoke a physical response. “Hubris” has a majestic and sweeping build, beginning with delicate and dulcet tones, leaning into sweeping violin, and finally a wall of riffs erupting. While this album certainly has its delicate moments, the guitar work is often tectonic, shaking you to your very core, busting open your soul and emptying every ounce of sadness the band has.

It all comes to a grandiose conclusion with Dispirit. Piano, violin, guitar and anguish come together flawlessly. This album is somehow both a debut and a swansong, with the lumbering rumbling doom and elegant folk and gothic elements reveling in pastoral beauty. Folium Limina was released on October 22nd and you can get your copy HERE.

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