Bandcamp Roulette: An Unhinged and Frightening Blackened Death Thrash Debut From Atomic Witch

Bandcamp Roulette: An Unhinged and Frightening Blackened Death Thrash Debut From Atomic Witch

- By Corinne Westbrook

The band's competent fusion of styles makes for an impressive grasp of songwriting and musical extremity.

Caustic and malicious, the debut full-length from Atomic Witch, Crypt of Sleepless Malice, is a brand of extreme metal that is both hard to pin down and entirely searing in the most satisfying way. In the style of 2022, Atomic Witch are fearless in their approach blending elements of black, thrash and death metal with progressive flourishes and technical prowess.

This murderous album kicks off with a short, creepy intro, that sets the stage for the assault to follow. The first true track “Psychic Miasma”, continues the descent into the pit, and this is our first intro to vocalist Greg Martinis, whose howl traverses scorching gutturals and a banshee’s screech. The rhythm of this track is made for windmills.

“Leather Noose” plods and crushes with its pummeling drum beat. Highlight track “70,000 Skulls” leans farther into thrash and is pretty likely to open a demonic circle pit in your living room. Mid-point track “Too Rotten To Die” is another furious highlight that oscillates between mid-tempo and “break shit speed”. Album closer and title track “Crypt of Sleepless Malice” creates an unsettling atmosphere with its opening score, before jumping straight back into the destructive nature of this album.

This album brings together fury, pain and an eerie atmosphere. Punishingly paced, it is unrelenting and will keep you on edge throughout. Formed in 2016, Atomic Witch has two previous EPs. You can get your copy of this insanely solid debut full-length HERE.

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