Bandcamp Roulette: Convert "Saves" Post-Punk With Industrial Tinged Debut

Bandcamp Roulette: Convert "Saves" Post-Punk With Industrial Tinged Debut

- By Corinne Westbrook

Convert is the 11 different herbs and spices of post-punk awesomeness. With flavors of darkwave, goth, industrial, and more, their album Saves is a solid debut paying homage to 80s counterculture with a modern veneer.

Formed in 2019, Convert is made of members of the well respected electronic and punk bands Burning Sons, Get Rad, Cry Coyote, and Assault & Battery from the Milwaukee scene. Undulating synths, gruff vocals, and chugging guitars bring together something gothic yet futuristic. The booming bass and glitchiness of the electronics are both eerie and catchy.

Convert fall squarely into one of my favorite phenomena of recent metal acts, “Modern Nostalgia.” They are familiar enough to be enticing, but break enough new ground to be intriguing. Dark and haunting, this is the soundtrack to rain-soaked, neon lit streets forever trapped in the seediness of the city.

One intriguing subtlety to the band is their use of pop chord progressions, layered with metal power chords and quirky synths, with vocals that oscillate between mournful and raw. This dystopian sounding album is a welcome addition to the gothic punk genre. Get your copy HERE.

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