Bandcamp Roulette: Explore Native American History With 'Kanawha Black' from Nechochewen

Bandcamp Roulette: Explore Native American History With 'Kanawha Black' from Nechochewen

- By Corinne Westbrook

Our own Cori Westbrook explores the dark, cinematic depiction of American pre-history in Kanawha Black.

You can always count on Bindrune Recordings to put out absolutely top notch releases. They are one of the most underrated underground record labels on the planet. Kanawha Black from Nechochwen is no exception. Layered with diversity and darkness, Kanawha Black is almost cinematic in its approach to capture American Prehistory. This is a strong example of poetic black metal with stunning classical guitar instrumentation and rich atmospherics.

The album opens up with some groove on title track “Kanawha Black” before giving way to black metal unruliness. Vicious vocals with plenty of depth are layered on top of the contemplative instrumentation. This album contains a lot of shifts and turns that showcase the varied music talent of Nechochewen moving from melodic traditional instrumentation into acoustic melody into traditional Native American instruments, weaving history into the modern era and there is even time for some 80’s Thrash nostalgia.

Like Bandcamp Roulette bands, this was my first foray into Nechochewen, but they have three previous releases to explore, Algonkian Mythos, Azimuths to the Otherworld, and Heart of Akamon and have been kicking since 2005. Kanawha Black is actually out today! This album, with all of its influence, twists and turns will keep you engaged and intrigued, emotional and involved. You can order your copy HERE.

Track listing

  1. Kanawha Black
  2. The Murky Deep
  3. I Can Die But Once
  4. A Cure for the Winter Plagues
  5. Visions, Dreams, and Signs
  6. Generations of War
  7. Across the Divide

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