Bandcamp Roulette: Full Speed Progressive Djent With "Pyramiden" From SYK

Bandcamp Roulette: Full Speed Progressive Djent With "Pyramiden" From SYK

- By Corinne Westbrook

Our own Cori Westbrook explores heavy at random with the latest in her emerging artists discovery series.

Bandcamp Roulette is a feature where, every week, we will buy a randomly chosen album from an underground band and tell you all about it! Follow us on Instagram to help us choose next week's album!

Italian extreme metal outfit SYK has unleashed something complex, dynamic, diverse and heavy as hell with their new album Pyramiden. Clean and haunting vocals paired with progressive djent extremism create a charismatic, high-powered and engaging sound that will keep you moving throughout.

This is the third album from SYK, but it is quite unlike anything else in the genre. Fans of other djent or progressive bands would definitely find something to love here, but there is more than meets the ear. While most bands in this genre go straight for the heavy in the sense of fiery brutality, this album, which refers to an abandoned Soviet coal mining settlement on the island of Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago, adds in a level of desolation and coldness.

This album is definitely not for their faint of heart. The pace and style changes throughout, blast beats are paired with time changes creating a sense of whiplash as you listen. The final track of the album, “Cell of the Sun” is the perfect summation of all the album has to offer, setting off in a frantic fashion, and finishing on a mellow ending.

Pyramiden doesn’t leave much breathing room, but also wastes no time with each note precisely placed where it needs to be. Released on March 11th, you can pick up your copy HERE.

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