Bandcamp Roulette: Go On An Epic Adventure With Black Soul Horde's "Horrors From The Void"

Bandcamp Roulette: Go On An Epic Adventure With Black Soul Horde's "Horrors From The Void"

- By Corinne Westbrook

Knotfest’s own Cori Westbrook explores the Lovecraftian haunt of the NWOBHM practitioners.

Horrors from the Void from Black Soul Horde will fulfill all of your NWOBHM fantasies, quite literally. Rooted not just in traditional heavy metal, but the legends of yore, Horrors from the Void conjures images of beasts and baddies, tombs that ought not be opened, and unspeakable Lovecraftian horrors. The tales are woven with immersive songwriting, powerful vocals and technical prowess.

This album is an adventure that takes time to unfold and benefits substantially from repeat listens. Vocalist Jim Kotsis soars in his delivery with sometimes dramatic flourishes and let’s not ignore his blackened moments either (we all know black n’ roll is a favorite over here) The guitar work from the onset of “Beneath the Mountains of Madness” to the closing notes of “The Betrayal of the King” is a stunning collection of vintage metal leads and harmonies, but they also tread the waters of doom and speed metal for a really well rounded album.

Black Soul Horde have created a pretty perfect fantasy record betentacled and full of amorphous flesh and tall dreary tales about howling horrors. The production is solid and crisp. Definitely worth a spin or 12.

Founded by John Tsiakopoulos and Jim Kotsis in 2012, initially as a side project let us hope we see more from these Athenian heavy metal masterminds. To pick up a copy of Black Soul Horde’s Horrors From The Void, click HERE.

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